Top 10 best Android games free & Paid 2015

Best games on Android: Imagine that you are sitting at the railway station or at a metro station waiting for your bus or train and you have nothing to do – what would you think next – start playing a game on your Android phones. The Android phones have become so much popular that almost every person has one. There are many games which are available for the Android phones here are some collection of best games on Android.

10 best Android games free & Paid 2015


Temple Run [Best games on android]

Best games on android

Temple run is one of the famous and most downloaded games on android. The game temple run has been developed by Imagine Studios and this game is the most popular among all users. The reason being the game is simple to play – the mission of the game is very simple and there is only one motive of the player to keep on running. It is great fun when you have to race through the cliffs and mountains and ruins of buildings by just jumping, tilting and clinging.

Prince of Persia Shadow and flame [best android game]

bast android game in 2015

This is a paid game and the first games which were introduced to be played on the computer long back. This application is the latest sequel in Prince of Persia game. In this application the player have to solve the mystery and save themselves from the evil and win. The game has properly channelized 14 levels for the player to enjoy.

Riptide GP2

best game on android in 2015

This is the most popular racing game. The Riptide GP2 is the latest version of the water racing game and just like the earlier versions this is also very exciting to be played. In this application you have actual water effects, physics, water physics, lighting and textures. It does not disappoint you. The visual aspect of the game is brilliant.

Galaxy on Fire HD 2

This is a 3D space adventure game where you have more than 50 type of space ships which can be customized as per the requirement of the user and you also have many weapons with which you can protect yourself.

Need for Speed: No Limit


Need for speed: no limit is one of the best game for android and also available for iOS. NFS is a car racing game which is developed by Firemonkeys Studios. NFS is one of my favorite game on android. you may also view my another article on best car racing game. Top 10 best car racing game on android free download 2015

Jetpack Joyride

These are the adventures of Barry Steakfries – the concept of Jetpack Joyride Is found by HalfBrick Studios – the makers of Jetpack Joyride also have to their credit other games like Fruit Ninja, Puss in the Boots, Monster Dash etc.

Subway Surfers [Best games on android]

The Subway Surfers is another best android game designed by Sybo games and Kiloo Games. The entire game is based on running of Jake – Jake has to run across various incoming trains as he is being chased by the police dog and the station officer. You shall get gold coins while playing different levels.

Rail rush [best android game]

This is a game which is developed by This is a game which is based on the underground mines. All you have to do is to sit into cart and start playing and exploring different types of 6 settings and overcome the obstacles.

Into the Dead [best android game]

This is a Zombie game and loved by all users. In this game you have to run in the opposite direction and you can experience your own breathing and sometimes the game is overshadowed by different type of zombie cries.

Agent Das

Here is a game where the person can play in a Bond avatar. You need to go through various hurdles and get through the enemy base.

Run Like hell

The name suggests it all – the game is to frantically run and you will see

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