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Clear Cache in Android

How to Clear Cache in Android To Boost Phone Speed

Hi readers, In this Android Tips and Tricks Tutorial we will discuss How to clear cache in android to boost performance speed of any...
how to Increase Android Battery Life

8 Secret Tips to Increase Android Battery Life and Backup

In this article we are going to inform you How to increase battery Life and Backup of Android Phone. You will get the your...
Close background apps android

How To Close Android Apps Running In The Background

No matter how advanced version you have, some Apps find their way to drain your device’s speed, take down its performance and the memory...
How to Speed up Android Phone

How to Speed Up Android Phone When it Running Slow

In this tutorial we will discuss about some useful and working android tutorial on how to speed-up your android phone when it running slow. Android...
How to Take Professional Photo From Your Smartphone

10 Tips on How to Take Professional Photo From Your Smartphone

Smartphones being loaded with Megapixels and High Res screens, it is hard not to bring out the Photographer in you. Be it taking selfies...
enable night mode on android

How to Enable Night Mode on Android | Step By Step Guide

Enable Night Mode on Android:- Well, if you are a late night worker like me,a thought to Activating Night Mode on Smartphone should have...

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