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As we all know, the domestic demand for SSD voice control chips has been booming all the way. However, the core technology of SSD has always been abroad, and its core components have not been involved by domestic manufacturers. The government, society, capital and enterprises have worked together for many times to support the homemade SSD master chip developed independently, and to help realize the dream of “China Core”. Finally, the Chinese brand voice module has been highly praised for many times, and is expected to become a most competitive chip among major SSD voice control chip factories in 2019.

Since the second half of this year, the production requirements of our module factory on the main control chip include: 64L QLC 1Tb Flash which can fully support 64/72L TLC 256Gb/512Gb Flash, and will be carried mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, and the product line needs to have SATA DRAM less and low level and middle level PCI-e G3 solution plan.

In addition, because most of China’s leading brand manufacturers are involved in shopping malls, and they have rated demand for SSD control chip standards. According to the analysis of relevant people, in 2017 China OEM’s commonly used control chip plans include nine chip electronic N588D, NVC series and NVD series and the new generation chip solutions, which are all about to emerge.

Especially the N588D voice chip has the greatest features of the new design, and be compatible with other concentric voice chip functions. Hence, its standards and performance has been able to keep pace with the leading manufacturers.

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   What’s more, in order to satisfy the customer’s SSD requirements on the E-commerce mall, the nine chip company also provides M.2 and 2.5 inches of the public version with programmable RGB-LED planning so as to meet the customer’s different style of light needs.

Today, along with the development of integrated circuit industry, the research and development of NVC Music Chip cannot be separated from the cooperation of ecosp here. Under the assistance of the layout of integrated circuit industry and the national will of information security, combined with the historical development of IDC in China, based on the independent research and development of domestic Master control, it provides the key technology of data center evolution, promotes the wide application of SSD storage in data center and provides one-stop service made in China from the end to the cloud.

ST Microelectronics (ST) recently announced a new micro packaging technology SMB-flat, which is said to be 40% thinner than SOT-223 packaging. It can effectively reduce 50% of the printed circuit board area and further improve the performance and safety of AC switch, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) and three-pole AC switch (Traces).

SMB-flat packaging is able to help users further reduce the size of control modules that meet strict security standards, such as IEC 60370 and IEC 60335. ST revealed that some of its new products have begun to be packaged with new SMB-flat three-lead surface-mount packages, including an AC switch, a silicon-controlled rectifier and three three-pole AC switches. These products are widely used in valves, motors and pump controls, lamp igniters and circuit breakers.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) covers only half of the board area of the mainstream SOT-223 package. The new ACS108 1-Amp AC switch encapsulated in Italian Semiconductor achieves the highest current density so far, which is the main advantage of such products. In addition, the advantage that 40% thinner than the SOT-223 package allows designers more free to reduce the device shell design.

The X02 series silicon controlled rectifiers and X01 series three-pole AC switches of ST Microelectronics all use this new packaging skills. The creep age distance helps electrical appliances and industrial electrical equipment meet the insulation requirements of major safety standards (IEC 60370 and IEC 60335).

ST indicates that it is all up to standard for the self-determined package welded on PCB, SOT-223 or SMB-flat. The solution ensures compatibility between the two packages and achieves flexibility in the production stage.

SMB-flat package size is 3.95 x 4.6 x 1.1 mm, PCB package solution is compatible with SOT-223 package. And the creep age distance is 3.4 mm, which is in line with RoHS law and halogen-free specifications.


These memory chips are made by 1y Nano materials issued a year ago. However, it is not clear whether 1y will import EUV in the future. However, Seong Jin Jang, director of DRAM development at Samsung, points out that EUV will be used more and more extensively in subsequent 1z and 1A process nodes.

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Samsung also displays eight DIMM running on the AMD EPYC server. These DIMMs can perform 3.2 million operations per second at 170W, compared with the existing 128GB card, which provides 3.8 million operations per second at 225W.

At last, Samsung’s goal is to increase DIMM to 768 GBytes, and ultimately improve HBM data rates from the current 307 GB / s to 512 GB / s. He added that GDDR6 graphics memory would be increased from the current 18 Gbits / s to 22 Gbits / s, while LPDDR memory power would be reduced from 24 mW / GB to 12 mW / GB, but he never revealed when.

In addition, Samsung announced plans to adopt smart SSDs with embedded Xilinx Zynq FPGAs, boosting performance by 2.8 to 3.3 times. These devices are applicable to various databases, AI, video and voice IC applications.

In the past few years, in order to catch up with TSMC, Samsung has spent a lot of money on semiconductor equipment. It is estimated that Korean semiconductor equipment investment will surpass Taiwan and become the new largest around the world in the next two years. At present, all the developments are in Samsung’s plan. Will China’s 7 nano meter chip R & D encounter with TSMC or Samsung’s 5 nanometer? 4 nanometers? Or a product of 3 nanometer level?

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