Know The do’s And don’ts of Writing a Persuasive Essay


Students are asked to write persuasive essays to showcase their skills in language, expressing skills on the topic chosen. So the first concern to impress the professor with a persuasive essay will be selecting the right topic which makes it stand out from the crowd. The persuasive should be convincing. The professor should get the point of the student to the fullest with its structure. The essay should give interest to the audience concerned. The essay will be graded more which showcases outstanding ideas out of the box which exceeds the expectation of the content of the essay. Some of the do’s and don’ts may be as follows

Know The do’s And don’ts of Writing a Persuasive Essay

  • Draft a memorable essay– the essay drafted by the student should interest the professor. Thus making the essay memorable in a positive way which helps to gain high score or grade. The essay may become memorable with its new ideas, facts, real-life illustrations, etc.
  • The topic should be chosen in such a way that it should gain the attention while examining the topic. The tip to know the interesting topic shall be choosing a topic which interests the student. When the person who writes an essay that interests him, obviously the essay will be loved by the readers. The topic will be considered more proficient when it is totally way out of any one’s thoughts. This may lead to an advantage that professor reads it for the first time between the other essays about which he had read more than a dozen times.
  • The topic should not be generalized or based on a vast idea or social issues. A generalized and a vast subject may not allow the writer with specific ideas. In spite, the essay will be not only dull but also could not cover the whole subject in the recommended length of the essay. Instead, the essay may be on any one specific social issue, for example on a particular case and can present all the viewpoints from different shoes regarding the particular case. The more specific the essays are, the better scope of readers getting the point of the writer.
  • The essays on religion and politics may also not be recommended as it focuses on a particular section of people and may not be liked by all. The reaction will be less from the readers and it may not interest them based on their choices in the subject. While writing essays on sensitive issues, try not to express any humor which may hurt the sentiments of some people.
  • Essays should reflect the strong argument the student narrate throughout for or against the topic. The reader should not get confused because of different arguments in the same essay. If the arguments are stronger, the essay will become out of the box from the rest of the essays leading to high grades.
  • Before writing the essay, the outline should be decided in such a way that it delivers the matter perfectly to the reader in a simple way. Then, the essay should be written with various facts, ideas, examples, etc. the written essay is to be done proofreading with other friends, parents or there are websites who advise the students after proof reading such as
  • After making the necessary correction after proofreading, the essay is ready to be submitted to the professor for grading.


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