What to look when you find for iPhone X Screen Repair

Hello iPhone X users, there are so many options available on the market when you find to repair your phones screen. It’s hard to decide where to go for quality iPhone X Screen Repair in the unfortunate event that you drop it and need a repair. This tutorial will guide you what things you will have to find when searching for a good place  for iphone x screen repair.

iPhone X Screen Repair Warranty

Every time low price is ant a good option. Sometime the only option is to contact the Apple OR and iPhones Authorized service providers. There are certain things to be wary of and certain things that you may or not know of. As a minimum, any iPhone X Screen Repair should include a warranty. All our screen repairs comes with minimum 1 year warranty but some other third party location comes with at-last 90 days warranty.iPhone X Screen Repair

So, make sure the business is a quality iPhone repair company and there cost like Platinum Phone Services Gold Coast. What happens if you go with the cheapest and it turns out that the cheapest was just that, cheapest screen, cheapest workmanship and cheapest non-existing warranty.


The first thing, let’s start with a short history and info about iphone X and how it different from previous generations. The iPhone X screen has what is called an OLEDD screen. You may have heard that term with other phones, computers and more devices like TV. Most of Samsung device have using AMOLED screen dating back to the galaxy S2 and S3 device. The technology is a bit different with OLED screen.

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However, OLED screen technology has improved so much over in both brightness and clarity. Therefore, the majority of all new iPhones now use this technology.

When finding for an iPhone X Screen Repair, make sure that the service provider uses an OLED screen for your phone, even if aftermarket or refurbished. Some parts on the market utilize old LCD technology but fit ad function on device the originally come with OLED screen. While other technology like LCD also a great technology and many device use this tech, but the LCD screen is not as bright as the OLED screen. However, the iPhone X costs a lot and provides a very high end performance, and you would be sacrificing this performance and quality to save few dollars.

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