5 Awesome Ways To Increase uTorrent Download Speed


Increase utorrent Download speed: – utorrent is most popular web portal where you can find and download high quality movies, eBooks, MP3 audios, Game and software.  Hence, a slow downloading speed can be really annoying one. Here we are sharing some useful tips and tricks for how to increase utorrent download speed.

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Set Bandwidth Limit To speed up Torrent Download

Most of us don’t know microsoft reserves 20% of our available bandwidth (Amount of data that you are allowed to Download or Upload at any given time)for there own setups such as Windows updates and interrogating our computer. So follow given steps you can easily speed up Torrent Download by 20%. for this follow given staps
Click Windows key + R to open run prompt and type “gpedit.msc”. this command will open the Group policy editor, then follow these steps
Click on Local Computer policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Packet Scheduler > Limit Reservable Bandwidth
Double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth
It will show it is not configured, but the truth is under the ‘Explain Tab. By default windows set the packet scheduler limit the system to 20% of the bandwidth of a internet connection. but to use this setting you can Speed Up Your Computer Internet Speed. So, simply follow given steps
In Limit Teservable bandwidth windows tick on ENABLE button (radio button) resealable bandwidth. then see Bandwidth limit (%) on option box and set it to ZERO (0). Then click on APPLY and OK That’s it.

Disable firewall for increase utorrent download speed

Before start downloading from utorrent use this tricks to increase utorrent download speed. It’s an easiest trick, make sure the windows firewall exception is on, turn of the firewall entirely. To disable or turn off firewall, go to control panel and find system and security then select windows firewall, then turn off.

Save port

It is also an important tip to increase utorrent download speed. For this open utorrent option – Preferencesconnection, after chose connection a new small window will appear, then choose your own port or note down the one it has chosen for you. Make shore that the check box “rendomise port each start” is not checked. This will also help to increase utorrent download speed.


Set bandwidth limit to increase utorrent download speed. For this go to uTorrent option > Preferance > Bandwidth. Then set give setting – Keep your ‘max upload rate’ max download rate’ at unlimited (0 mince unlimited).

Your ‘Global Max number of connections’ should be set to 2500 and ‘Max number of connected peers per torrent’ should be to 500. After this setting, you should be seeing increase utorrent download speed.

Protocol Encryption

Some of internet service provider cannot identity torrent traffic, which decreases or limiting your bandwidth while downloading from uTorrent. So make you bit torrent outgoing traffic Protocol Encryption by following this stapes – Go to Preference > click on Bit Torrent > find Protocol Encryption then select outgoing traffic Enable then apply and OK.

After follow these increase utorrent download speed tips you should notice increase in uTorent download speed. Please share your experience with us and also share if you have any other tips and tricks for increase utorrent download speed. Please write your query and suggestion in comment box.


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