How to Optimize USB Data Transfer Rate In Windows 7

Hi all, Data transfer like file, Video, Audio and some other types of file and folder is common task in a computer transferring these types of data from and to the USB drive or Pan Drive. No one would want to wait for more extra time for transferring a few GB of data. The slow USB data transfer rate of your USB drive or PAN drive make more troublesome when you in hurry.

So, here I am shering the awesome tutorial to speed up or Optimize your USB/ PAN drive data transfer rate without any extra software or tools. Before shering PAN drive optimize tips let we talk on some factors that’s depends on USB data transfer rate.

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Age of your USB drive– when you purchase a new USB drive it works fast but as it gets older, the data transfer rate start decreasing

Types of files– data transfer rate depends on you file types ex- if you are transferring song, video may get transfer very fast. But if you transfer software’s, programs it gets some extra times.

USB port version – USB port version is also depend on data transfer rate like USB port version 2.0 is most popular version that gives you the data transfer speed up to 35 mbps (theoretically).

 After these factors we start our tutorials How to Optimize USB data transfer rate in windows 7 manually without any extra software or tools.

How to Optimize USB data transfer rate in windows 7

Speed up USB Data Transfer Rate In Windows 7

Change the file system to speedup USB data transfer rate

The file system can have a great impact on USB drive performance. Many devices store with the default maximum data storage capacity. They actually keep the file system in a conservation format to allocate data in very small chunks. Through this method storage capacity increased but the performance drops to a significant level.

So, if you want to speed up your USB drove transfer rate, format the drive in NTFS file system with 64 KB allocation size. Because in windows OS, NTFS is the quickest file system.

To do this just open the ‘My computer’ right click on the USB drive and choose ‘Format’. After clicking ‘format’ you might get a warning message, ignore it and choose the preferred file system (NTFS) from given drop down menu. Then click on ‘start’ button to start this process.

Check for Disk errors

Fix your USB drive errors can also increase USB drive transfer speed. For do this Go tools menu under the property option. Then click on ‘check-now’ button under error checking menu, then start the scan to fix errors if any. This process may take some time depend on PAN drive size.

 Avoid connecting too many Pan Drive in USB hub

It is also a reason for slow data transfer rate in USB drive. So, avoid connecting too many devices to a USB hub. Many computer users don’t know that a USB port divided the total bandwidth among the devices connected to it. If you have many USB port in your PC, connect the device to them instead of connecting all the peripherals to a single multi-port hub.

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