How to Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

Increase IDM Downloading Speed using IDM Optimizer:- Internet Download Manager is a shareware downloading manager and we known as best download manager right now compared to any other download manager like Microsoft Lightweight Download manager, orbit, DAP and some other download manager. Through this IDM tools we can download files much faster and support downloading with some great features like Batch download, video download from streaming video sites, comprehensive error recovery etc. Here we talk about how to Increase IDM Downloading Speed using IDM Optimizer

IDM optimizer is a small utility which increase your downloading speed in IDM by moderation some registry entries like this tool will change connection speed, connection type, Max connection numbers, quickly get a boost of speed and some other few entries.

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How to Increase IDM Downloading Speed using IDM Optimizer

  • Make sure IDM tool is installed on your PC. Because this IDM optimizer tool will only optimize IDM, if it is available in your system
  • Download IDM optimizer tool
  • Now just fire up your IDM optimizer and then you will see window like above give picture.
  • Just click on Maximize now and you will get a, note asking you to restart your IDM do that and then restart your PC. That’s it
  • Now you see your IDM is boosted download with speed.
  • If you want to restore your default setting then you can click on restore Default.

That’s it guys now you have a boosted download speed with IDM optimizer.


This was the tips of How to Increase IDM Downloading Speed using IDM Optimizer. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.

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