How to create Animated GIF Image Using PC


Create animated .gif Image in PC: – Animated GIF image is most popular and more impressive way to explain your musing. It is awesome format for creating some emotion and fun at the very instant. There are several ways to make animated GIF images on PC or computer. Here we discus two way to create Animated GIF image, one is create animated gif image online and other is create animated gif image through computer software.

Before starting create animated gif image some important things to know.

  • The complete GIF image must be .gif extension
  • An Animated GIF image is embodied of multiple images. So each of these images must be in same size
  • The image should not exceed 256 color

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How to create Animated GIF Image

Create Animated GIF image Online

Before creating Animated GIF image Online first thing is arrange each frame of the animated image you want to use in creating animated GIF image. After arrange visit online animated gif image creator website. Some of best gif creator sites are, etc. Here we are talk about After open web page upload each of the images to the web page, select order (on which order of images you want to see in gif) then click on continue that’s it. After create your required .gif image you can download.

Create animated gif Image using computer software

There are also various PC software’s to make easily animated gif’s Images ex- Photobit, Falco GIF Animator, photoscape, Microsoft GIF animator etc. Here we are sharing how to crate animated gif image using Photobit

  • If you don’t have photobit, first download and install to your computer
  • Open the Photobit program, open each of image you want to use in your GIF’s image
  • Select one picture that will be starting frame and select next image that will be the next frame. Click REGION and then SELECT WHOLE IMAGE REGION.
  • Click edit and then copy and pest one by one
  • Once all images have been added as layer into the starting image, go to Animation control panel from GIF_Animation menu.
  • Set all required setting for appear gif image appearance. After that save the animation.


This was the tips of how to create animated GIF image using PC or compute. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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