How to save / Convert Web Pages as PDFs In Chrome, Firefox


Hello friends, when anyone want to save web page or convert web page as PDFs files, you don’t need to any PDF writing software and online pdf conversion services. You only need to have Google chrome, firefox or any other web browser. Here I am sharing the awesome tutorial ‘How to save or convert Web page as PDF file’.

Save any web page as PDF on Google chrome

First open any webpage inside Google chrome which you want to convert as PDF file. Simply press Ctrl+P or (Cmd+p if you have Mac) to open print dialog box or Go to chrome setting situated on top-right corner then click on print button. Change the destination printer to ‘Save as PDF’ and click on the print button that’s it. The current web page will instantly download as a PDF document.

Save any web page as PDF on Firefox

For Firefox, it could not any in built features to print web page to PDF file. But you can save web page to PDF file by installing a simply Firefox extension.

In Firefox browser, head to Save as PDF add-on page and install it. Restart Firefox to enable add on, after that open web page which you want to save as PDF file then click on the save as PDF button which is appearing on toolbar and save it.


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