5 Easiest Ways to Access Blocked Websites At School, College and Work


How to Access Blocked Websites at School, College and Work

Sometime we try to open Facebook, youtube or any other websites on our college, school or work’s computer and we note that these websites are blocked in the computers. On that time only one question comes in our mind. How to Access blocked websites in these types of blocked computers. So, in this tutorial i am sharing a useful topic ‘How to access blocked websites at school computer? How to access blocked websites in collage WiFi? how to get any blocked website at school, collage and work?

As we know, Many security reasons or any other reason school, college or working office are kept to block certain sites such as social networking sites, video sites or some other sites. Because of the way we can not use blocked websites in college or school’s computers.

But you not need to worry because, here we in this tutorial i am sharing Easiest Ways to access blocked websites at school, college and at work.

How to Access Blocked Websites at School, College and Work

Access Blocked Websites Using Proxy Servers

Using Proxy servers is one of the simplest and most popular way to access blocked websites. Proxy servers is nothing but the online proxy server which redirects you to the blocked website instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked.

Some popular and the best free web proxy servers to access blocked websites in collages, School and at work pace are

see also 100 Best Free Proxy server list to access blocked websites

It is very simple to open any blocked or banded websites with proxy server. simply open any given proxy server in your browser, after open enter the site name which you want to open then click on Go or Hide me that’s it. That’s it

Access Blocked Websites Using Translation service

If you are looking the simplest way to access blocked websites then online translation service like Google Translate, BabelFish are the best way to open blocked websites. These are the translation websites and allow you to translate from one language to another and display the translated result on there own page. using these translate sites as web proxy server you can easily access any blocked website from your school, college’s WiFi or Work.

To unblock any blocked websites through Google translate simply follow given steps

Open any Translate website Such as Google translate and then enter the blocked website URL which you want to access

Select any of your regional language (like Hindi, Urdu) and then click to translate

once you finish these steps, you will be able to access the blocked website.

Access Blocked Websites Using IP Address

Access Blocked Websites Using IP Address is another popular method many internet users wish to use these trick to access blocked websites in school, college or office. To open any blocked websites through this methods you only need to IP address of blocked website which you want to open in the computer.

Once you have or got the IP address of the blocked websites that are blocked, simply open your favorite web browser and type IP address and press Enter to Access Blocked Websites Using IP Address.

Access Blocked Websites Using Cache

Some of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo store the cache of each and every website often. So, you can easily access the cache of any website using search engines old cache.

To open blocked websites through this method, open search engine like Google.com and search for the blocked website which you want to access, then click the small down arrow sigh which is located below next of the website URL and then click on the Cached link as shown in given image.

Access Blocked Websites Using Webpage to PDF Generators

PDF Generators service is a type of service which enable you to generate PDF file of any web page. Through this service you can also access any blocked websites. some of PDF generator service tools are PDFmyUR, PDFCrowd and HTML to PDF.

To read or access blocked website you only need to enter URL of desired webpage and you will get an intent document to download. So, through this tricks you can easily convert any web page you are viewing to a PDF file.

Final Words

This was our article Easiest Ways to access blocked websites At School, College and Work. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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