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Nowadays, has greatly increased prevalence of self-made or edited videos, on social networking sites like facebook, YouTube etc. this is due to increased demand for video editing software’s or online video editing websites. In this article we are discussing about 10 awesome free online video editing websites for free.

Free online video editing tools means a tools works within your browser to edit like cut, arrange and format your video without having too much good knowledge of video editing. These video editing tools or video editing websites are very east to learn and also very simple to use. Not required to install heavy video editing software in your computer, only choose your required video editing website and follow video editing tools for edit your video and make your video more impressive.

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Here we are sharing a list of ‘10 awesome free online video editing websites’. Use this free video editing websites to edit your video or create video.

10 Free online video editing websites

Youtube video Editor [Free Online Video Editing]

In the list of best free Video editor online websites we are talking firstly, the most popular and used video creation and video editing website you Tube Video creator. In my view you Tube Video creator is highly user friendly and very simple to use. If you don’t have any good knowledge of video editing, yet you can simply use this tool. It provides video editing tools like trim videos, adjust levels, swap soundtrack, add effects and some more.

weVideo [Free Online Video Editing]

weVideo is another best online video editing website, it’s a shared online video creating tools, means that you can have several uses working on a project at any given time. It’s available with mix (free and premium) plans. With free account it gives you 10 GB online storage and video resolution limited to 720p.

fileLab video editor [Free Online Video Editing]

 fileLab video editor is another easy tools to edit video online. By this video editor tools you can trim, cut, merge rotate, and mix video etc. with fileLab video editor you can use more than 20 effects, animation texts. To launch fileLab video editor, you will need to install the fileLab video plug in (size-1 MB).

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PowToon [Free Online Video Editing]

PowToon is also an impressive and easy way to edit video online. It’s very easy to use and also easy to download and share.

Loopstar  [Free Online Video Editing]

loopstar is another great online video editing website for edit video online. It’s provide very easy online video editing tools for users like upload video edit or format video that’s it. You can also export and share your edited video easily.

Wideo [Free Online Video Editing]

Wideo is an awesome video creating website to create and format regular video. Wideo allow you to create, edit and share video for free. You can make video very easily with using the drag and drop elements of Wideo website. It provides tools to make animation video for presentation, projects, products demo, and teaching or just for regular fun.

Mixmoov [Free Online Video Editing]

Mixmove ia also a video editing website which specially created for online video editing. It provides exclusive video editing tools. The main features of mixmoov are transition, frame level cut, effects, templates, text etc

Video toolbox [Free Online Video Editing]

Video toolbos is another free online video editing website or tools to processing video files up to 600 MB size. It analyses video files and display detailed information about the coded, frame rate, bit rate, resolution etc. Video toolbox has some unique features like add text watermark to video file, crop video etc. it also convert your video format in most popular video format like 3GP, AMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, MPG etc

Kaltura [Free Online Video Editing]

Kaltura is most famous and first open source online video platform for edit video online.

Magisto [Free Online Video Editing]

Magisto is an awesome video editing website


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