15 Easy Ways to make Money Online from Home in 2016


If you have skills so you cannot be unemployed, need the skill to use right place. These days, Internet is playing most important role to reach your skills to others and also providing ways to make money online from home. In these day internet is not only a medium of generating information or for entertainment, but internet is also a ways to make money. So, friends let’s start our tutorial on the topic easy ways to make money online from home.

Friends, who would not want to make money? I think everybody wants to earn money. In today’s internet era is full of internet based part time or full time jobs. This is not new you can indeed earn money from internet by doing net based job from your home. We already shared some useful techniques to earn money online from home. In furtherance of that order here we are sharing some useful ways to make money online.

There are dozens of easy ways to make money online from home such as selling stuff online, creating Blog, URL shorting, online survey, sell your talents, become a tutor etc.

15 Best Way to make money online From Home in 2016

Earn money online By Start Online Blog

Make money Blogging:- This money making opportunity is number one in my list, because it is the best and reliable ways to earn money online. After all! I am also a blogger and taking advantage of this opportunity. So let us know how you can make money from blogging.

If your writing ability is good and have a creative mind, so you can easily earn some good money through starting your own blog. Bogging and freelance writing is great option for you to make a massive income online. For start your own blog you need to chose a niche (according to your interest and knowledge), and create a blog and then create Google adsense account and start making money from your blog. Blogging definitely takes some time to earn money, but after a few days of hard work you can earn as much as you might have thought so.

Skills required to start blogging:- Good writing skills and have a creative mind to write unique & interesting contents, Familiarity with basic coding like HTML, PHP etc and other technical stuff like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Earn Money Online By Freelance Writing

We maintained about make money online by freelance writing in above paragraph, but again we are discussing it here because freelance writing is seemed different from blogging. The main different between blogging and freelance writing is – blogging takes time to earn money online but through freelance writing you will be earn instantly upon completion of your work. In freelance, you meet so many different areas, from which you can earn money by selecting your area of interest & knowledge. To become a good freelance writer you need to follow some rules like- determine your niche, Develop research on your niche and writing skills, Find suitable clients and develop a portfolio.

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After residing to become a freelance writer you need to find right client for your work. It’s not a hard task to find clients over internet, there are so many online platforms are available where you can find freelance writing jobs.

Some of the best and most popular online portals are Freelancer.com, upwork.com etc.

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Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

If you are a blogger you have another appurtenant to make money from your blog. You only need to create some article on Affiliate product or service related than pro actively sell Affiliate products or service on your website. Every product sold would offer you a percentage of commission helping you to make money.

In above topic we talk about Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing is different from Google adesnse. In Google Adsense you get paid when someone click on ads but in Affiliate Marketing Ads, you get paid only when any customer purchase the products or services through Ads on your Website.

There are Hundreds of online merchants who offer Affiliate Marketing like ClickBank, CommissionJuction, Mythemeshop, Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc. Where you need to sign-up and promote their products. I would recommend you, select an affiliate products which is relevant to the content of your website, such products will convert real sell Ex- If you have blog on blogging tips tricks then you can show Affiliate Ads from MythemeShop, Hostgator, Bluehost etc.

Make Money online with Domain name flipping

Domain name flipping is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Domain name flipping is same as buying something at lowest prices to sell at price higher. As you know there are many places you can buy domain name like GoGaddy, Bigrock etc and there are also many place where you can try to sell you their domain name like GoDaddy, Namejet. It is a very risky method to make money by selling domain name; you need to good judgment and insight to recognize those domain names that will be in high demand in the domain name marketplace. You need to access to many sales place through which you can sell your domain name.

Related Sites – GoDaddy, Namejet

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Make Money online with Sale your products online

If you have anything and you want to sell to earn money online from home, and then create an online retailer website or some site over internet like Ebay, Amazon provides place to sell your unique and antic products. For selling your products online, you do not have anything more for the work. Only to collect such items which antic and are fantastic. Listing your items on online retailers, if your products are liked by customers so he gave him his price will buy from you. And this way you can earn money by selling your products online.

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Ex– If you want to sell your products in India then Amazon.in provides online space to sell your products online. Simply register in Amazom sales channel and list your products. If any customers see you are products so he gave him his price will buy from you. (Before register please read carefully T&C).

Make Money Online to Become Video Publisher Through Youtube

I am sure if you are using internet, then you have also watched videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of the largest video sharing website. Here you can watch online videos and also share your unique video’s with other YouTube viewers. By this way you can also earn money online from your uploaded YouTube videos.

So, start shooting small or Big video clips using your mobile or camera or make videos from picture using your computer Or make animated videos Or make computer screenshot videos and tutorials. After that upload it on YouTube and monetize. YouTube will show Ads along with your uploaded videos and share earned revenue with you.

Earn Money Online Through Design T-Shirt, Mugs

If you are a artist and want to show your own artistry on T-shirt, Mugs, posters, cards etc then this great opportunity is only for you. By this way you can also earn money online. There are some online stores who offers to sell your designed T-shirt, Mugs etc online. It does not involve manufacturing, packaging, Shipping and handling of finances. All you have to do is get creative.

How to start Earn money Through Design T-Shirt, Mugs, Cards, Posters:- To start this creative work you need to register on website who invite to create design some sites are Zazzle.com, CafePress and Threadless. Register on it and create your own shop. Customer comes to the online shop. He selects a design from your catalog and then selects a marchandise item and place order to get the item with your design. These sites print your design on selected item (T-shirt, Mug, Card, and poster) and send to customer. You will get your share from the money earned by these websites.

Related Sites – Zazzle.com, CafePress.com, Threadless.com

Earn Money Online To Sell Photos Online

This is another interesting ways to earn money online by selling your captured Pictures. To do this work you need to use your Smartphone or Professional camera and take high quality images of nature, places, people, things, dishes, home etc and sell them online. To sell these types of things there are various web portal available like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStokphoto, Photobucket where you can submit your photos.

Related Sites – Shutterstock.com, Fotolia.com, iStokphoto, Photobucket

Make Money online From Home with paid Surveys

This is also a ways to make money online by sheeting at home; it is not a way to make much money but you can make some money and in this money making method no required to very hard work. Just find trusted online survey site and register for a free account and give your view, idea, opinion etc.

There are endless opportunities over the internet which you can select and Make Money online easily. Select the kind of online work which are right for you and which you can work well. You can read our another article on How to make money online through Paid survey.

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How to make money online from online Surveys:- Some of best online survey sites are OnePoll, MySurvey, Toluna. Go and fill on these websites. After the registration, these survey websites will keep on sending you survey. Your work is filling them up and get rewards that’s it.

 Related Sites – OnePoll, MySurvey, Toluna

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Make Money by Teaching online students

Nowadays there are various students who take up online training courses. These courses are effective and pay a great amount of money if taught well. You just need to get hired by the right kind of person who would guide you in the right possible way. Teaching online students is one of the best ways to earn online money.

To start online teaching service SkillsShare is one of the best medium that always you to be an online tooter. You need to register and create courses, classed whatever subject you know well.

Skill’s required to start Earn money As Online teacher:- Expert in subject on which you offer to teach someone. Knowledge of powerpoint, photoshop and well knowledge of internet to share screenshoot, videos. These things will make your work more interesting and easy to understand.

Related Sites – SkillsShare.com

Earn money Online from Home Through PTC Sites

PTC (Pay to click) is one of the best, easiest and most popular ways to make money in your free time. It’s does not take 4-5 hours to earn money, it is enough to just 10-15 minute to make money by clicking the ads. On some trusted PTC sites you can make money by clicking the ads for 10-30 seconds and earn few cents. These PTC sites provide you some tasks (click ads, read ads) every day, after clicking these given ads you can earn some good money.

How to Make Money From PTC Sites:- There are many Online PTC sites are available where you can make money very easily. You only need to register and click Ads. All PTC sites are free to register and there are no investments at all.

Make Money Online From Home by CAPTCHA Entry Jobs

CAPTCHA Entry Job is one of the best and easiest entry job available for online work from home for those people who are looking to make money online around Rs. 8,000-10,000 per month by working in there free time. To do this job you not need to any extra technical knowledge, If you have only knowledge about internet and have a good typing speed the you can easily make given amount.

To do this you need to register with websites who provides CAPTCHA Entry Job and Go to your Admin panel & then type the correct CAPTCHA images that’s it. Some of best CAPTCHA Entry Job sites are Kolotibablo.com, Megatypers.com, captchaTypers.com etc.

Related Sites – Kolotibablo.com, Megatypers.com, captchaTypers.com

Make Money Online Through Email Reading jobs

Email reading is one of the easiest way to earn money online. To make money through emails reading you not need any professional skills, If you only know operating computer and internet then you can easily make money through Email reading.

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Earn Money online from Home by Data Entry Jobs

There are various data entry jobs as well that one can try out. Data entry jobs include pay per page typing work, data entry jobs, and many more that offer good amount of salary. Data entry is basically job of transferring from one from of data to another form Or another medium. Usually data entry job is transferring printed or written data to digital document. To join data entry job you need to basic knowledge of computer and good typing skill.


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