10 Best Apps to Recover Lost Data on Android Without Using Computer


In this tutorial we are sharing 10 best apps to Recover Lost Data on Android device without using computer.. these days everyone have there own phone and most of phone users using Android phone. Phone’s become a media storage device these days. Every user keep different media files in there android phone like video, audio, images, photos, files, apps etc.

 Top 10 Best Data Recovery Apps for Android

The trouble start when occurs, an very important data of your android smartphone is lost. There are various reason like format the SD card carelessly, accidentally delete some most important file, friends or family photos, important document etc.

But you don’t need to fear, your lost Data are not really lost at all. You can very easily recover these deleted or lost data from your android devices or SD cards recovery tools. You only need to download any best android apps to Recover Lost Data on Android OR you can use Best Data recovery software to recover deleted of lost data from any device like Android, iOS device, PC/ Laptop, SD Card, Pan Drive etc.

In Below list we are sharing some of the best android apps to recover deleted data on android, which you can use to recover lost data without using computer.

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery


iSkysoft is considered as one of the best apps to recover lost data. This app offers lot of features and had a great review on Google Play Store and there are millions of installs for this app. This app recovers any data in your android device and it’s completely free. It supports almost all android devices and recovers any type of data in your android device. The special feature of this data recovery software is it can recover data even before and after rooting.


  • Supports more than 6000 android devices.
  • User friendly interface.
  • It can recognize device automatically and makes process easy.
  • It can recover any type of data like videos, images, pdf files, Contacts, SMS, Call Log, Document and lot more.
  • It can recover the data even before and after rooting.
  • Very fast process and quick results using this app you can recover your data fast.

Dr. Fone Data Recovery for Android


Dr. fone data recovery is the most loved app to recover lost data in android. It has ultimate features that you have never came across and this is famous for its one click solution I mean you can recover the data with just one click. Even more interesting is you can recover the data like Whatsapp messages( How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages), SMS documents, contacts, Music file, photos, saved audio, video and lot more with this android app. The most rated android data recovery app.

Procedure to Recover Data on Android

This app first scans your all data that you have lost and then it finds and restores back into your android device and that too with just one click. The process is going to take only in minutes.


  • Ultimate support and completely free
  • This app supports more than 2000+ android devices.
  • You can select individual android files to recover and recovers SMS and Whatsapp messages.

Note – The app works on rooted device only, if you device is not root, you can use Dr. fone for android on your PC-laptop or mac.



Recuva app is famous for its unique features and it also recover the deleted files like pictures, videos and lot more things. Even you don’t know this, you can also recover deleted emails using this app. Very user

friendly interface and completely free. This app also helps you also recover deleted messages if you have permanently deleted them

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Undeleter Recover Files & data

data recovery app for android

Undeleter Recover Files & data is another best and very simple android data recovery app where you can recover lost data on android. The app will restore all supported type of data’s including SMS, Call loge and Whatsapp or viber conversations.

How to recover lost data on Android Using Undeleter Recover Files & data

  • First you need to download Undeleter Recover Files & data app in your phone
  • Open and select the storage device from which you want to retrieve you loss data
  • Than scan the selected device (the process can take some times)
  • After that you will presented with recovarable data in several tabs – file, pictures, music, video, document and others

DiskDigger Data Recovery App

photo recovery app for android

Its not too easy to find the best data recovery app for your android smartphone to recover lost data, because not all of recovery apps are able to scan and recover data from internal storage. That’s why we are listing DiskDigger data recovery apps in our list. The tool has both free and paid version. The free version features are limited but solv you common recovery issues, it will undelete photos on your android device.

Some Important features are…

  • One of the best photo recovery app for andorid device
  • You can upload your recoverd data directly to cloud storage or send them via E-Mail Or save to your device’s memory
  • Some limited scan available in non-rooted device but if you have rooted device, the app will scan all of your device’s memory for photos as well as videos


best data recovery app for android

EaseUS is the most loved app to recover the lost data in android. The app is famous for its easy user interface and recovering of the data can be done by few clicks like connecting the app, scan and recover the apps. It also offers data recovery for SD card also I mean can also recover the deleted files form SD card. It is completely free and you can recover any type of files with this app.

The recovery app can recover PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIF images files and all popular video formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV etc. the free version is also available with some limited recovery options. But you can enjoy all recovery features with premium version.

MyJad Android Data Recovery

This app is special among all app to recover lost data in android. This app also helps you to recover songs, images, movies and documents and the special is it can also recover deleted files from SD card too. It will scan your SD card and recovers the data. Very user friendly interface and recovering data can be performed with few clicks. It will scan your all data on your android SD card that you are previously used in your Android device and list the files and you have to select the files that you want to recover.

Smartphone Recovery Pro

Smartphone Recovery Pro is the oldest app to recover lost data in android. This app is developed by Enigma and it is a paid tool. The actually data recovery apps recovers the data when you delete the data with your own decision. While the special features of this app is it can recover the data when it was deleted by a system error. The app is pro and you have to pay $80 to buy this app.

Samsung Mobile Phone Recovery Pro

Samsung as the name tells it is developed by Samsung developers and you might not to worry as it supports all other brands. The app is too small in size and requires low space in your android device but the most loved android data recovery app and it’s a paid data recovery app.

Data Recovery Machine for Android

Data Recovery Machine is also one of the best data recovery apps among all users. This app is famous for its unique features and easy user interface. This app comes with the special features like recovering deleted messages from Whatsapp. The recovering of the apps can be done by within minutes by few clicks.

Data Recovery from Google Store

Data Recovery app is one of the best data recovery software to recover the lost data from android.       The process takes two minutes to recover the deleted files. This app in the first step locates your deleted data and then checks the data status then copies your all data. Finally it restores the lost data. This app has unique features like recovering the lost data from SD card and even special is you can recover the deleted data from SIM card and that’s it.

Undelete Beta

Undleete Beta is also app that recovers deleted data from your android mobile and recovers the all type of data. You just need to start the application and select scan the deleted file. Then this app will show you all the deleted files and then you can select the file that you want to recover then restore it. You can also recover deleted data from SD card through this app.

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