7 Complete Doctor’s Note Templates

Technology stands to support healthcare professionals and their patients in so many ways. There are cloud platforms, dedicated software possibilities and even emails that improve the medical process. Patients can consult their records, together with latest updates and recommendations regarding health. Physicians can easier send files and documents that reach patients faster. Doctor’s notes are the documents that any specialist uses at least on a weekly basis. These can be optimized with technology.

Doctor’s notes can fully benefit by the aid of technology, if optimized accordingly with complete templates. Otherwise, they remain the sheets of paper that need to be written from scratch once every few days. Even though they seem old school, many patients usually need doctor’s notes to excuse themselves from school or work when feeling sick. When setting up in your medical office, consider compiling the doctor’s note templates you will need for your everyday work. Below you can find the most common samples you might soon encounter.

1.    Universal Doctor’s Note

According to Templates Assistant, patients can request an excuse note for so many reasons – work, school, physical activities, withdrawals from contests and much more. The standard template for a doctor’s note covers two of the most common situations from the above examples – work and school. Such a template is fully available here.

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The template is easy to write as it contains just a few sections

  • The mandatory patient name, consultation date and date of return to work and school.
  • A generous section for comments where you can write the diagnosis, recovery guidelines, mandatory treatment and any other information the patient might need.

2.    Landscape Note

The landscape doctor’s note is visually appealing and easy to complete. It takes about two minutes to write and it’s also friendly and readable for the employer or school assistant. The landscape note also stands out due to its designated section for your signature and stamp which saves place you might accidentally occupy.

  • Restrictions can include prescription drugs treatments or recommendations that justify the patient’s absence. The three rows can add just about any information that your patient needs.
  • The document clearly states the rest period and your contact details for higher visibility.

3.    School Template

The school note is usually concise and straightforward. Students typically ask for an excuse note to justify their rest period and only need the doctor’s details.

  • The template includes the physician’s name, address and signature and date and hour of the consultation. Time is useful as it excuses the patient for the necessary time to get to your clinic and back home or to work.
  • The diagnosis category states the specialist who consulted the patient under surveillance.
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4.    Detailed Doctor’s Note

Some employers need thorough documents which outline details about the patient’s condition. Such a format outlines any information that the patient might need. They are usually detailed enough to also fit absence from athletic competitions or contests that patients have already join and now must withdraw from.

  • The template provides information about the patient’s age, height, weight and gender.
  • It also directly addresses the assistant, employer or event organizer. They can also see exactly how many working days your patient needs to spend recovering.
  • The document outlines symptoms, diagnosis and prescription drugs, so it’s also useful for the patient.

5.    Urgent Care Template

The urgent care template works well for conditions where the patient needs immediate care. As per the above example, the urgent care template includes brief information that comprises the medical story of your patient.

  • You can add diagnosis and the restrictions which justify the patient’s absence and work on recovery.
  • The template also includes return date to work, date of diagnosis and your contact details.

6.    Blank Note

A template must be versatile to ease your work. Technology has enough possibilities to help you provide the patient with necessary information. The blank template is fully adjustable while it saves room for essential information.

  • The template includes a rectangle which you can adjust for diagnosis, symptoms, prescription drugs or recovery guidelines.
  • You don’t need to fill in the rectangle, if your patient wants to be discreet about their condition.
  • You can also add the time of consultation as an additional note.
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7.    Storytelling Template

The above sample lets out outline the symptoms, observations from the appointment and recommendations. The note directly addresses the employer and shows the excuse dates in a visible manner.

  • This versatile template can include details about the prescription or general information on the treatment.
  • You have full control over the information you provide employers.

Using a Doctor’s Note

Doctor’s notes are the documents which connect technology with the paperwork that you must sometimes write. You can personalize, optimize and use them to quickly meet your patient’s needs. There are a few templates to choose from. However, you can opt for the ones that meet the most common situations, or which can easily adjust to specific situations.

The templates are fully adjustable. Feel free to include your clinic’s or cabinet’s logo, together with contact details. You will save space inside the document by doing so. Moreover, after writing them, the nurse can scan the notes and send them to the patient as PDFs. You patient will receive the notes in real-time and send them to employers. Keeping a few doctor’s note templates at hand saves you working time whenever you need to complete files for specific situations.

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