How To Close Android Apps Running In The Background

No matter how advanced version you have, some Apps find their way to drain your device’s speed, take down its performance and the memory turns to slug of junk files. There are more to aware you. So, better start taking care of How to Stop Apps From Running in the Background on Android device you are carrying. Despite trying a third party app like cleaner, you may still encounter some of the glitches, believe me.

So, this what I usually do and am going to suggest you with in order to Stop Background Apps on Android. We barely notice those culprit Apps eating up all the space and memory until we dive into the settings and spy into the Apps Manager.

Well, the moment you notice your device being vulnerable to sloppiness and is loaded with chunks of clogged spaces is the moment you turn your developer options on.

Close background apps android

But first, for those not knowing about Developer Options, here are simple steps. I have performed some handy checks on my Android Oreo, so Steps on How to Stop Apps From Running in the Background on Android goes like this.

Way to Apps Control Background Apps (Force Stop):

Go To Settings>>Apps & Notifications>>Apps>>Force Stop.

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Remember, that how ever crucial or useless an app seems, force stopping it would result in some glitches that may come to surface later on the device start-up. And, obviously, the apps shall resume working once you restart your device.

  • Comes the Next Scenario, where you need to put Developer Options to work.
  • Go to Settings>>About Phone >> Build Version.
  • No you have to tap it several times (7 times for Oreo).
  • So now you have Developer Options Visible, now jump into the section and Look for Running Processes/Services.

This is where log of all the apps consuming RAM, Free Space are all listed.

Now, before you think of putting some services to halt, note that some might cause your phone to behave badly; that includes crashing unexpectedly.

Deal is simple here, what I do usually is,keep my rarely used apps inactive all the time. And they need no constant internet connectivity. Say, Music Player, MX Player, and Paypal/Skrill.

Stop Auto Start Apps Via Developer Options

Go to Settings>>About Option >> Developer Options>>Running Processes / Running Services/ Background Process Limit and you will see oa option screen with at least six choices. “No Background Processes” option means the phone will automatically Stop OR shut down an app so that there nothing running in the phone’s background.

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You can also go with other option, allow you to choose how many applications can continue to run in the background.

The other way

Go to Settings>>Applications>>Application Manager and Choose the app you want to modify/stop.

Work of Caution:As said before, make up your mind on what seems to be crucial for your daily work process.

I am not much of a chatter or talkative, so the next Apps that I usually keep restricted are Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook.

I prefer you uninstall a useless app if this hasn’t got much of your attention by still toiling your memory and CPU.Gaming Apps are the best case to fit in here. So, better keep a watch provided you haven’t played any but the notification bar pops up a message frequently telling you, “Some Apps are draining your Battery”

Let’s Come to Battery now

To get a better hold on what Apps are guilty of draining your Device battery, Android Oreo has smarten up a bit.

Jump to Settings>>Battery>>Battery Usage

Monitor What’s Eating up Battery in Hardware and Software Categories.

Now all the services and Apps get revealed here displaying how much of the battery is consumed by each percentage-wise.

Extra measures to Stop Battery Draining Apps on Android that will pretty much be sound and safe for you too.

  • Optimize the Battery status now and then.
  • Screen Brightness, Screen Timeout, Mobile Data, and Auto-Sync are the ones you can confine once you tap on optimize.
  • Other controls that affect your battery and resources will be, background-Power Intensive Apps, GPS, Vibration Mode, Auto-rotate.
  • Tap the Gear icon on the top right of Battery panel, and select to activate/deactivate Power-Intensive Prompt, Wi-Fi and Mobile data restricted to least consumption.
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Reckoning Summary:

So, to keep more tabs on the distressing and pesky apps what you need to do clear the cache in the App Manager. Chat and Messengers are where you should start. Before the Gifs and irrelevant media /images clog your device, better to chop off the weed. Also, Thanks to Android Advancement, you are notified by Oreo in case, an Apps behaves suspiciously. Setting Permissions to access your Locations, Camera, and Media should be restricted to trusted only. This is the best way I can assure you How to Stop Apps From Running in the Background on Android without employing another third-party app.Let me know what option to would like to go for. Comments are always openly welcomed. See you all soon.

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