Top 20+ Best Websites To Make Money Online In 2020


Best Websites To Make Money Online – Who doesn’t want to have some money? No hand would be raised to this. There was a time when we used to have a dream job and doing some record keeping, researching, and emailing while sitting at the desk got us enough bucks saved at the end of the month. The dimensions have changed wholly. In the topic today, I’ll be presenting Best Websites to Make Money Online OR Top 10 Money Earning Websites.

The workforce cut down to maximize the output. Gears shifted and the world is as you all are aware has hasted to the inept. So did the employers and the employees. If you still wonder what should be the thing to do to have some cash in your wallet or some points just by some clicks or surveys, do not waste any of your time. In this article, we are sharing some of the best, Trusted, and Awesome Websites that will help to make money online. As I already mentioned in another article, how you can make money online from home. Let’s start our tutorial with 10 websites for students to make money online.

Best Websites to Make Money Online

Let’s have a sharp and quick look at the following sorted items that should grab your attention. There are oceans of websites, and unanimously, there are so many websites and apps that can dupe you easily. So delivering the readers with the best options to invest their time, here are some of the Best Online Money Making Websites OR Top 10 Money Earning Websites

best sites to make money online

Sites to Earn Money As Freelancer

I am on to singing the same old songs, perhaps not; clarifying further, I wasn’t born to be a blogger or a writer. But, I always liked to put my keen hobbies and share ideas with the public and here I am. If you have had any thoughts or knowledge you think you can put forth on the table, be it Fashion, Technology, Sciences, Media, medicine, Commerce, etc. multitude of options are provided to you as a freelancer. Take reference to Fivver, Elance, Listverse, and iWriter. The key thing to get started is getting yourself registered.

best websites to make money

Fiver is one of the best money earning websites where you can make money online. If you have any kinds of talent fiver will provide you the platform to make money. It’s the simplest and easy to use site, where you post the service based on your talent which you can provide and if someone needs them, they will pay you for your work.

You get paid $ 5 for each of your services offends and you can increase your services by adding on the gigs (service) and get paid extra for your service.

Note – You are earning a payment on is made through Paypal and for each $5 you get $ 4 in your hand and $ 1 is taken by Fiverr as their commission.

best sites to make money onlineUpwork

Entrusted to offer a platform to HTML, Logo, CSS, and Photoshop Designers, content writers, Date Entry Job. The site has been ranked within the top 1000 freelancing money earning websites. Offering a handful of opportunities to freelancers, Upwork had gained a trusted spot for skilled users who have a knack for eliciting the same through their knowledge. Upwork pays its users through Payoneer, Paypal, or Skrill.

If you have working skills in photoshop, coding, content writing, data entry then this website will be a great platform for you. Some of my content writer, website developer, and graphic designer friends are making $$$$ every month from this platform. so, register on UpWork and brighten your skills as well as earning online.

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best ptc site to make money is one of the best, trusted and well known PTC (Paid To Click) website where any you earn money very easily by work 1-2 hours. ySense was previously named Clixsense, which has now become a ySense. On this site, you can earn money in two different ways – by clicking on ads and by viewing ads and also earn by referring friends & others to the site. You can not make huge money but I am sure if you will work regularly you will easily earn 100-150$ in a month and the earned money you will gate through PayPal, Payza, and Bank Cheque.

Ysense is one of my favorite PTC sites where I am making 350$+ every month. So, register on this site and start earning money from today. I am sure, you can also earn easy cash if you work daily on it.

ySense provides various tasks to earn money online such as out paid surveys, cash offers, Appen tasks, watching videos, signing up for websites, and downloading apps, and making referrals. These tasks are very easy and do not require any special work experience. So register now and start earning.

Register on ySense and Start making money easily OR read our complete tutorial on how to earn money from ySense & payment proof to know more about ySense.

best website to make moneyTimebucks

Timebucks is also genuine and unique money earning website where you can earn money by doing some easy tasks. Here we have not made much but earned a good amount. We have earned about 174$ in 1 month by doing some easy tasks such as online Surveys, Click on Advertisement, Slideshows, Captcha solving, reading website news, watch videos, install apps, and much more tasks.

Signup on timebucks official site and complete your profile. After signup you will get a $1 signup bonus then click on the Earn button – here you will get all the task lists. So, start earning by doing tasks and make money easily.

website to make money

Freelancer is also a great website where you can make money online. You may do whatever job you are interested in or whatever work you can do easily. You need to describe to yourself how many skills you have and how you will do the job. The user who wants to complete his/ her work might hire you to do the work. In the beginning, you will have a problem as your identity on the increase or on your skills and experience, people might hire you. Your experience and reputation will also increase day by day when you complete orders. is a great place where you can make money online with increase your work experience and skills. As like Upwork, also provides an opportunity to freelancer who is experienced in photoshop, coding, content writing, data entry job

trusted websites to earn money onlineScripted is also a Universal platform for fluent writers to get along with. Once you tie up with scripted, you’ll be approached by website owners detailing the type of content they need. The Payouts are handsome per write-up, you urge to satisfaction should be matched up here. The minimum earnings you can take from scripted is up to 25USD for at least 500-words-write-up. The payment option is PayPal; do have one.

On Scripted, you just have to create your catching profile and pass the content writing test. After passing the test setup your complete profile including the Payment option. Let’s start working by talking with customers and earn money online.

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trusted websites to earn money onlineNeobux

Gaining trust from worldwide users, one of the, simplest, and Best Websites to Earn Money Online is Neobux (may not work for regions outside the UK). If you are a beginner or expert, the platform is a one-stop solution for Pay-Per-Click and finishing other related tasks. Payouts are as simple as a cakewalk, with its instant payment options.

So, just open neobox and register to start earning money by doing simple tasks such as viewing advertisements, complete tasks and offers, and much more.

Captcha Entry Sites to Earn Money


Well, perhaps not many of you tried it, but solving Captcha codes can be a feasible answer to your question on How to Earn Money Online Without Paying. One of the trusted names in this business is 2Capthca wherein you are given a graphical code to put in a text box and simply have to submit it. Type of Captcha code you’ll encounter is Text, Image, or Video Captcha Codes. Payouts can be collected either via Perfect Money, Payza, and other options including PayPal. Please read our full tutorial on best captcha websites to earn money online.

PPD Sites to Earn Money

best sites to make money onlineSwagbucks

Open to All the American citizens, not just surveys, Swagbucks lets you make web searches and referrals to have some money in your account at the end of the day. If you are a shopaholic, then take away the Amazon shopping Vouchers with you. Swagbucks is a term for the points you collect on completing the surveys.

Though it is a perfect place to suggest to your friends cause for every referral, you can make up to 1000 Swagbucks. For every 500 SW, you have $5 in, the rest you can calculate till the cash is raised to $25. so, why are you waiting, lets join and start making easy money from Swagbucks.


RewardsCentral, open to all Australians, is the place you can earn points for doing surveys. For every 3300 points collected you redeem $30 or 10100 points for $100. You finish a review you get points somewhere between 100 and 500 points. If you don’t qualify for a survey, then check your emails and earn points by clicking.



websites to earn money onlineSurveySavvy

As always, the best comes at last; SurveySavvy is a sort of a platform that has engaged members from almost every corner of the Map. Take Surveys, finish them in time, and get paid through PayPal without any payout limit. Another Way to Earn Money Online Through SurveySavvy is to refer it to your friends and associates.


Cleanfiles is a Best PPD Site and it will pay you when someone downloads a file that you have uploaded to their site. Before anyone can download your uploaded file, visitors have to complete an advertiser survey or offers. For each successful download of that file, you get paid. You can promote the uploaded link of the file on your own blog or social media.

Online Survey Sites to Earn Money


Get the clearer picture here; it is an online survey site where once registered, you are to conduct online surveys and get paid for as many you complete. Where an average review goes for about 10 to 15 minutes, you get around $5.00 on an average. MintVine is easy to use and best of all, trusted by many users and surveyors. You can also take other benefits along like Redeemed offers, Shop online, and entertain referral credits as well.


Pureprofile is one of the people’s favorite survey websites where you can bag about $10-15 a month without any heck. Points convert into cash here ranging from 50 cents to $5 for each survey you take. If you do not qualify for a survey, you can earn that extra money by clicking an ad or viewing a video online through this gateway. Once you pile up $25 in your account, you can request to cash out your payment. Plus, you don’t have to be in a particular region to use it. You can earn whether in Asia or somewhere in the suburban area of Australia.

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Here is another surveying site you would like to try for a concrete reason. You can earn an easy 50 to 500 points experiencing this surveying site. Even if you can’t make it to the survey forms, you can earn through the ongoing $500 cash competition. They added up your loyalty status to excite the level of making money. Who doesn’t love the extra money anyway? For every level of loyalty, you get a bonus. You can later redeem your points for cash via RewardsCentral (mentioned later).Like the second one, this site is accessible to you if you reside in Australia.


If you are a keen learner, then become an online tutor and master your area of expertise further. It is never a downing experience after all. This site is where you save yourself from taking surveys if you already have had too many of them. Just grab your topic, roll some videos, and share your stuff through participating forums. The more your stuff gets watched and appreciated, the bigger is your earning. Your account can get you around$3.5k, the site says.

Your Voice

If you are an Australian user, do opt for Your Voice. Your Voice is a newer version of itself. This site offers you survey jobs just the same as the two websites I spoke of above. While you complete a survey, for every survey completed, there are about 10-15 points earned. For every 200 points earned, you fill $20 in your pocket. Later, you can redeem these points and convert (they send you vouchers mostly via email) them into vouchers to use for shopping at Kmart, Target, Myer, or JBHifi.


Looking for a long time collecting program? Zirtual is the right place to pace up. By longtime, I mean well-paid work and more time-consuming. You be a Zirtual Assistant once you sign up, take the responsibility of curetting emails, conduct research on a particular topic, and write summaries as you are told by the person asking you on the other end. Some other tasks that are easy to handle await you at Zirtual that can grab you an initial $11.

You May Also Like


How could I miss this one? A place for writers and also an excellent site to take away a minimum of $25 for every write-up finish. Signing up is easy, so is communicating with the clients. Once you sign up, you get a dashboard of which, there is a community of customers. You get the assignment on your preference, sell it to the needy publisher and get paid in return. Remember, content can be anything, based on the client’s requirement. And do mind the clock.


Inclined towards Affiliate programs? Slide towards Squidoo then. Share your write-ups (termed ‘lenses’) based on which, ads start showing up (the keyword thing)displaying the products or merchandise. The rest is you know probably, the product is sold through the affiliate programs like eBay and many other sellers online. Squidoo gives you half the cut they make through your work which is transferable to your PayPal later.


Hope above given Top Best Websites To Make Money Online In 2020 will help you to earn money online. Friends, Share your view & suggestion in the comments, also share if you have any queries. I shall try to get back to the query as soon as possible.


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