Top 11 Free Best Password Manager for Android in 2021

Password Manager for Android :- Hello, dear readers, Here I am again to the help you out finding the 11 Best Free Password Managers for Android. This is the things that even I searched for, literally. So I thought to look over some best ones in the market and why not share it with you. Phones are something that keeps our private and confidential information these days.

I’ll highlight some reasons why we need these extra applications to keep our data secure. There are possibly many reasons for all of us. Speaking of mine, I prefer a Password Manager for Android because I like to keep my stuff away from outsider’s knowledge. That outsider may be a friend, a family member, or even a colleague. Believe it or not, even someone who needs your phone to make a call isn’t a good one to trust these days. Surprising to known but an outsider is an outsider after all.

Free Best Password Manager For Android

There are many free android password manager apps that help us do this job a lot easier. But when they have some merits, they can also not stay away from harming your device as well. So on this list, I have tried to present you those applications that are reviewed and preferred by many users like you and I. All the applications have been ordered in the list based on readers’ ratings. The Rest about these apps, I’ll get you in the following sections. So let’s roll down the page now. Read AlsoBest Password manager for Windows


best Password Manager for Android

Meet the Warden that takes issues like password theft seriously. It’s a new entrant to the Play Store, and so it makes here to the list of best Password Manager for Android phones. Bitwarden comes with AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2-SHA-256 to prevent brute force attacks.

The best part about Bitwarden is, you can get it from the Play Store for free. As of now, it’s an open-source project that may include some other features shortly besides releasing the Android’s Autofill API. You probably never heard of Bitwarden before, but it’s not laden with ads, and yet it’s a powerful password manager among the rests.

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Last Pass

password manager for andorid

The first one is the Last Pass that also can be used on desktops( Password Manager for Windows) without any trouble. Besides, just desktop or android, it comes fully functional when it is about supporting the iOS and Windows mobiles. Of course, it is free to use that has built in Password vault with a complex password generator and a built-in browser. While accessing your internet services like filling online forms or login forms, you can use separate passwords to keep your data safer and even can generate news ones.

If you are a premium user, then there are some added features that you can enjoy further. You can use it over an unlimited number of devices and synchronize it on multi-platform devices.

Keeper | Free Password manager

password manager for android

Keeper is another open source password management application that has a user-friendly interface. If you are a fan of it, then it is for you I must say. Not only for android devices, it is well operational on iOS, Windows mobiles, and even Desktops. You can easily manage your passwords, update them, keep them secure away from harmful hands. You can only share your credentials with your trusted contacts. What extra you have with is a password generator that helps you create strong and complex passwords.

Dashlane Password manager

password manager for android

Dashlane is also a free to use and a cross-platform password manager that supports androids, iOS, Windows mobiles, and Desktops( Password manager for Windows). Users can use encryption techniques to safe keep their passwords and personal info. It also has password vault that not only keeps track of your offline apps but also helps you fill your web forms easily and quickly with master password protection.

It has an integrated browser that makes your surfing process easier and more secure. It is when we talk about its free to use, but if you are really impressed with it and want something of a further level, go for it premium version.

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EnPass Password Manager

best password manager for android

EnPass is also a freeware password manager to help you safeguard your data for both the Desktop and Android or iOS devices. It has got a strong password vault that comes with a strong 256-bit AES SQL Cipher Encryption method. Yeah, just top add a little more safety. It has a built-in autofill browser, so if you use a web form once, the next time you don’t have to worry thinking about whether is it safe or not to log in.

It gives you an auto-fill keyboard just making it easier to fill the web forms as well as making notes or entries in your devices. Wait, I forgot to tell you that you can also get benefits from its different authentication techniques such as PIN and Fingerprint Scanners. You can add up to 20 passwords and after a while, you’ll need to go for its premium purchase.

Splash ID Safe Password manager

best password manager for android

This is a reincarnation of itself and it is now supported on both the Android and iOS. It simply allows you to store your login details and other sensitive information in an encrypted storage. You can save multiple types of records like your web login details or bank information (Debit/Credit Card details specifically).

Not just your text information, it can also take care of your photos and attachments and all. More to say, it is also enabled with 256-bit encryption protection. If you use it for basic requirements, it is a go. But if your demands are higher, then go for its premium version.

KeePass2 Android

best password manager for android

I know it sounds familiar as the last one I just finished discussing. Same as the above one but, it gives you a bit more features when talking in terms of functionality for Android mobiles. You can easily integrate your browser information with it, so the next time you log on through some web form, you’ll have to worry no more for it.

Also, you have a built-in keyboard support to auto fill your text and notes and help take your fingers rest. To help you use a quicker approach, it gives you a PIN support for your mobile vault. And this Vault can only be unlocked with the help of the master Password. It makes it even cooler when you have a fingerprint scanner feature in it.

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best password manager for android

This tool is the cool and the one that uses a combination of a password manager and an in-app browser to help you log in automatically to multiple websites. All it needs while getting installed is full integrity. It secures your passwords and other login credentials using AES encryption system. Once you implement the AES encryption, you can only unlock it using PIN and a TouchId. For a free use, it supports up to 3 password replacements, after that you’ll have to go for its online purchase.

Password Depot

best password manager for android

This app is the last one ion the list but, acts as just as its name. This application is supported both on Android and iOS mobiles. It helps you keep your sensitive information safe and sound in an encryption enabled Vault. It is absolutely free to use where you get some more perks of using it. Let’s see what they are: You get a password generator, Cloud synchronization, an in-app browser and an auto-fill keyboard just to reduce your extra stress when you surf the internet.

360 App

This android application tops the chart as it comes multi-featured and is packed with all the essentially required things. No just password manager, it gives you free all round support against virus and network threat. Not just that, it also has many features like memory maintenance, anti-malware support, and killing the overheating processes that are not good for your smartphone. It has a quick to load interface and easy to use management system. Once you install it, you’ll know more about it.


For those, who prefer it free and want more features, KeePassDroid is the one stop solutions for them. It is a great, quick to load, and easy to use a Password manager that looks after your password management. All the basic and must required features are encapsulated in it. Moreover, it gives you built-in encrypted protection for your devices.

In conclusion

How were the tips and information fellows? Hope you learned about some friendly best Password Manager apps for sure. In case, I missed some points to mention, don’t forget to drop me your points. Help me help you in future. I’ll be seeing you around here. Keep visiting for more help to come.


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