Top 10 Best Mobile Advertising Networks in 2019


In this list, we are sharing Top 10 best mobile Advertising Platform OR mobile Advertising networks.

The app business like most other businesses needs effective marketing, advertising to flourish. Today’s businesses maintain web portals which are appropriately optimized by the search engine operators. The objective of the SEO professionals is to bring to such businesses more organic traffic. Greater traffic in business implies more customers, clients and that promises more profits in business. The next thing is that individuals refrain from using too many apps and instead they prefer using a few apps that are very beneficial in their day to day business. In many instances the smart phone users prefer un-installing the apps that they have installed in their devices. It is important for app developers to find out a suitable model for monetization of apps. In this regard, the users often need to check online, do a bit of research and find exactly which monetization model is apt for them.

Advertisers are often confronted with queries like what mobile advertiser partners they need to choose, the type of platforms they support. There is a list of top mobile advertising platforms that businesses can consider to drive traffic to mobile applications. When making a selection of the mobile advertiser platform out of the numerous platforms that are available, certain things are taken in consideration.

  • Programmatic Approach –A mobile advertising network requiring manual intervention often slows down performance and therefore use of programmatic approach is suggested.
  • Video Format -In recent times, the social networking websites have become immensely popular. These websites contain video ads on different products or services. The popular mobile marketing networking companies offer video ads in one of the numerous available formats.
  • Global presence –An ad company is successful if it has its presence globally. The success of an ad company depends on how well it manages its partnership with other companies across the world.
  •  Value Proposition Articulation – The customers look forward towards easily comprehensible ad and in the event, the business services are highly sophisticated then it becomes difficult to present the same to the prospective client or customer.

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10 Best mobile Advertising Platforms

Some of the popular mobile advertising platforms are mentioned as follows

Admob | Best mobile Advertising Platform

best Mobile ad network

The AdMob is a popular mobile advertising network. What does it do? It offers the application developers a software solution to analyze, monetize as well as promote apps. The analytics are powered by Google analytics. The Google analytics allow the app businesses to analyze the mobile app performance metrics. It also allows the businesses in web mobile analysis. Apart from the analysis of the mobile apps, mobile analysis, using the software, the users can do AdMob app monetization. The company behind the development of the software has a global presence in many countries.

Some of the important features of the app include:-

  • It is Google powered.
  • It runs on mobile platforms like Android, IOS to name a few.

Opera Mediaworks

best Mobile ad network

The open media works offers mobile advertisements in US along with top global publishers. What type of services does it offer to its clients? The company is known to offer app businesses along with advertising, monetization solutions and content distributions. Moreover, the company helps brands to reach target audiences. The company’s Instant-Play HD video technology helps brands to interact with the consumers in the popular mobile websites and apps across the world.

Some of the key features of the software include:-

  • The open media uses platforms like the IOS and the Android.
  • It is powered by the Opera software.

Unity Ads

best Mobile ad network

If you are using mobile games then the Unity Ads need to be used as an ad monetization solution. The solution is designed for the app game developers to monetize their player base. The solution helps advertisers to get quality users who are ready to spend money, stay focused and engaged while playing games. The solution has a number of fascinating features and that are listed as follows:-

  • It uses the Android and the IOS mobile platforms.
  • It has features like the high global fill rate, video only, universal SDK.


best Mobile ad network

The Mopub is a US based mobile advertising company. The service it offers to its clients is popular among publishers like Zynga, News Republic. The mopub is known to have a number of platform features that make it hugely popular among the publisher community.

Among the intriguing features that the Mopub AD Network has included the following:-

  • A Mopub marketplace
  • Ad network mediation service
  • The solution uses mobile platforms like the Android and the IOS.


The smaato advertising platform is apt for the app developers and the mobile publishers. Despite being a US based company, the smaato has its presence across the world. And what the company offers to its customers? It is a mobile monetization solution provider. The company, its products, and services are quite popular.

Some of the fascinating features of the smaato solution are that

  • It is a dynamic demand solution.
  • It is popular across IOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone mobile platforms.


best Mobile ad network

The Applovin is an analytics company. It has a marketing division that helps the brands reach customers on mobile. The solution helps brands to make appropriate marketing decisions across global customers. It is understood to be the fastest growing mobile advertising company.

Some important features concerning the Applovin solution are as follows:-

  • It helps in making data driven recommendations, real time metrics.
  • The solution is popular across the IOS and the Android firmware.


best Mobile ad network

The NativeX is an acclaimed game advertising company. The company offers a number of solutions to its customers or clients that help in the monetization process. It is profitable software. The NativeX Company is based in US and it is spread across several countries across the world.

The different features of the NativeX solution are as follows:-

  • The NativeX features include native ad formatting, performing simple SDK integration.
  • The solution works well on various IOS and Android operating systems.


best Mobile ad network

The StartApp is an accredited mobile advertising network that is based in the USA. The company often offers its advertisers as many as 10 billion+ ad impressions on a monthly basis. Some of the key features of the app include the presence of a 3-D ad format. The app can run ads on as many as 100,000+ apps. The StartApp runs on multiple platforms like the Android and the IOS.


best Mobile ad network

Among the many mobile advertising networks, AppNext is a popular platform. The platform hosts as many as 25,000+ app developers, app advisers. The platform is sophisticated and serves as many as 12+ billion app requests on a monthly basis. The AppNext platform is popular in many countries around the world.

Some of the fascinating features of the AppNext platform are as follows:-

  • It supports the corona frameworks, native ads SDK, and unity.
  • The AppNext app is compatible with the Android, IOS, Blackberry and the Windows Phone.


best Mobile ad network

The propeller ads media is a reputed company that matches advertiser’s offer with that of the requirement of the publishers and enables the latter to launch various advertisement campaigns. Some of the important features of the solution are that it helps in retargeting, onclick ads, banners, video ads. The mobile platforms that propeller ads media works on including the Android, IOS.

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