25+ Best Launcher for Android in 2018 – Android Launchers

In this Article we are listing 25+ best free Launcher for android OR best free android launchers

Best Launcher for Android:- Welcome Android newcomers! After reading this aide you will transform from a complete amateur to an old star! All things considered, not by any means… At the same time, it will issue you an immense stride in that heading. This aide is meant for absolute fledglings yet will most likely offer some great understanding to the individuals who have been playing around with Android gadgets for a bit. The menu secure usually brings settings menus and the search catch searches. There are some cool traps with these catches however they will be secured in different articles. Home Screen – This is the screen you see when you control on your gadget or touch the home catch. It is the place you place apps and gadgets and is basically the central center point for which you operate your gadget.

Best Launcher for Android | Android Launchers

Now here i am sharing the Best Launcher for Android in year 2018. so, chose your favorite Android Launchers and set it on your Android device as Best Launcher for Android. All best android launchers are free to download.

Top 25 Free Best Launcher for Android | Android Launchers

If you are affected by a launcher, you should try it at least once. All you need to take care of is the configuration of your device and whether it fits the compatibility factor as per required by the launcher. Keep reading the list and try some of these; out of which, some are available free at Google Play Store. To get the high-end support from eh apps, go for a paid version; but, only after thorough review and background check. You just don’t have to scroll too much, I’ll try to keep it shorter here pointing the key features for every Android Launcher app.

Google Now Launcher for Android

Google Now is another best launcher for android developed by Google.inc. In case of some android phones Google Now is pre installed and it might be because of Google product. The most powerful android launcher and which integrates with Google Now. Google Now is installed millions in Google Play Store. You can also customize the features of the theme. You can also select different themes for the Google Now Launcher.


  • Its’ completely free and integration for Google Now.
  • You can also integrate with more Google Products using this launcher.
  • Malware free and clean launcher without ads, distraction and struck.
  • Many themes available and will be updated with new features.

Next launcher for Androidnext 3D launcher for android

Next Launcher is the best 3D launcher app for android. You can get ultimate experience with this Android launcher. You can get 3D animation experience with this android launcher. Next launcher has the amazing collection of 3D themes and customizable settings. So below are the features of Next launcher.


  • Lot of customization available in this Android Launcher.
  • Fluid scrolling with ultimate 3D effects.
  • Ultimate transition effects with 3d animation.

Galaxy Launcher For Androidgalaxy launcher for samsung android phone

Galaxy is the best launcher for android devices. Specially the launcher is developed for samsung Galaxy devices. It works ultimately for Samsung Galaxy devices all though it works properly for non Samsung devices and this it is named as Galaxy. You can do lot of customization using this android launcher and lot of listed launchers. Using this Galaxy android launcher you can make your Samsung phone look like awesome.


  • It’s completely free with lots of themes.
  • Style icons with high customized drawers.
  • Smooth scrolling and reliable.
  • No ads destruction and malware free.

Launcher 8 For Androidlauncher for android

If you are really missing Windows operating system at this time then this android launcher will completely help you. As I said above Launcher 8 makes your Android phone into Windows. The launch converts Android to Windows I mean only the main performs. This is great android launcher with ultimate features. it changes complete look of your Android phone. Look at the below features.


  • It’s completely free with ultimate Windows 8 experience.
  • App drawer feature with all is all similar to Windows 8.

Launcher 7

This launcher was released with the same purpose and intention as its later upgrades. By that time, the Windows phone 7 dominated the user market, henceforth giving an open window for launcher 7 to step in the Android world. The launcher especially focuses on tiled layout giving an insight and intuitive look and a great exposure to the Microsoft Windows Phone.

Hola Android Launcherhola best free launcher for android

Hola is best launcher for android with low sixe and requires low space. It is like mixture of launchers I mean it adopted features from Dodol and Buzz launcher. As I said it requires low space I mean it is size of 1MB only but it works adorably. It has lots of features with supporting low ended android phone too.


  • There are thousands of icon packs available freely for the android launcher.
  • Different wallpapers and different themes daily.

Everything Me Android Launchereverything me launcher for android

Everything Me is a cool android launcher with amazing reliable features. It’s like all in all, Good design, Fast, Low size, no ads destruction and malware free. As I said it is low in size then it consumes low Ram. You just have to try this and below are the features of this launcher


  • Ultimate and elegant look with ultimate customizations.
  • Completely free and low in size consumes low RAM.

TouchWiztouchwiz UI android launcher

TouchWiz is also one of the best android launchers. It’s my favourite too. It is only available for Samsung users and developed by Samsung community.  Now it has been ported to other devices also. Transition effects are amazing with elegant themes.


  • The most beautiful android launcher.
  • Ultimate transitions effects with default customizations.

Aviate Android Launcheraviate android laumcher

Aviate is also one of the best new android launchers. It has ultimate features in it. The android launcher comes with lots of customizable options and widgets like weather, new and lot more. The size of this android app is very small and requires low space.


  • Ultimate features like organized app drawer, wallpapers, smart stream and sticky search bar.
  • It lists the contacts quickly with quick contacts navigation button.

C Launcher for Android

C launcher is also one of the greatest android launcher and specially developed for low ended devices. Works best for low RAM too and very small in size requires low space. You must have if you are using low ended android phone.


  • Less battery consumption and available widgets like weather, traffic conditions and lot more.
  • Default feature I mean when you connect headphone to your mobile then it suddenly starts playing music.

Launcher Pro Android Launcher

launcher pro launcher for android

Best Launcher for android

This one is an all the more visually appealing launcher compared to the default Android launcher. Launcher pro is the best launcher for android with impressive features of super smooth scrolling, Animated screen preview, up to 7 home screen etc.

Smart launcher for Android

super launcher for android

Best Launcher for Android

A ton of applications that are running on the background can eat up the RAM and decrease your phone’s performance, other than decreasing battery life. This app is different for its light weight background. this android launcher is one of the Best launcher for android 2015 with many lovable features like low resource requirement, notification on home screen.


  • low resource requirement
  • Notification on home screen
  • Integrated Lock screen with notification

APUS Launcher for Android

apus launcher for android

Best Launcher for Android

APUS launcher is one of the best android launcher and over 150 million user downloaded already. This is the best record manager in the Android OS, you can easily open ZIP and RAR records with no requirement for a module. You can also backup and restore applications.

APUS Launchers Key Features

  • Priority Apps and Smart folder
  • Mobile search
  • Boost RAM
  • APUS Boost, Power+, APUS Themes and Walpaper

Apex launcher for Android

apex launcher for android

Best Launcher for Android

Apex is the best keyboard for any Android phone user. Apex launcher is the smart apps that provides your customize launcher version for your home page. The customize launcher can includes many tools that you desire to include into your phone.

Apex Launcher features

  • customizable Home screen grid size
  • Up to 9 home screen
  • Hide elements as you want
  • different folder preview style and background

Dodol Launcher for Android

dodol launcher for android

Best Launcher for Android

Dodol launcher has changed his brand name to LINE and update some new impressive features. With this Launcher, you can dissipate the fear of losing your unreasonable graphical design of Android phone. It is the most reliable design application for your phone.

Line Launcher Key Features

  • 3000+ themes, Wallpapers, icons
  • Add Stickers on home screen
  • Phone booster, Battery Widget

Best Launcher for Android | Android Launchers

Nova Android Launcher 

nova launcher for android

Best Android Launcher

The most rumored centralized IM platform where you can chat with your companions and colleagues from Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN and different AIMs at one place. You can also see your phone book contact next to each other with IM contact. What’s more, you can also do feature calling to other users.

NOVA Launcher Key Features

  • Icon Themes
  • Color Controls
  • Customize App dower
  • Backup/ Restore
  • fastest

Action Launcher (Pro)launcher for android

Earlier, when it was launched, it shook the consumer world in 2013. Action Launcher stepped in the market back with both the paid and unpaid versions. The launcher kept the range of attributes simpler and more useful. It had a panel on LHS to engage users with their favorite apps and all while, on the other hand, users could navigate easier and quicker with its special feature called “covers”.

GO Launcher EXbest android launcher

A long runner as well the classical one in the race to top 20 is Go Launcher EX. Already enjoyed and appreciated by worldwide users, is can be availed from Play Store without any charge. No need to worry about its premium tools as you don’t have to pay any charges while you install it and enjoy the kick-ass features. android users also use Go Launcher to change font in android.

91 Launchernest android launcher

91 launcher is the late comer in the market sufficing, “Better late than Never”. All you need from a newbie is just at your fingertips here. Bigger range of customizable themes, Transitioning and plenty of visual effects, and customizable widgets are just a way to get your attention to it.

Holo Launcherbest android launcher

I installed, as soon as I checked it out on Play store. It is a suitable launcher for a multi-tasking user, enjoying the morning coffee with the favorite piece of news and sports updates, and an awesome pool of lovely themes and multi-colored designs. Besides just being a freely available app, it is available in the markets with a paid version to give you’re a bit of a professional experience.

Buzz Launcherbest android launcher

Buzz launcher was made with a bit of smarter thought giving users a simplest as well as a great sense to use the optimization packages. While you run a download in the background and run several different apps and widgets, the launcher keeps track of device resources. Users, who are technically sound had the best bet with Buzz.

Themer Launcher for Androidbest launcher for android

Themer was the best way around to redefine the new level of themes. The finalized and ready to use furnished themes are available for users on the go. With customizable widgets and effects, users are given a quick and easy navigation and all of this is available on your home screen. Feel free to install and use it, find it for free on Play Store and get day-to-day updates by the developing team.

Aviate Android Launcherlauncher for android

Aviate is an alternative to Nova, just a suitable match for the first-time users. Keeping the real-time needs of a user in mind, the launcher has kept it simple yet strongly attractive. Smart and interactive layout, easily applied widgets are the best way to get the smart users started.

Solo Launcher for Android

solo launcher for android

It is a clean launcher apps with DYI light and ultra design that provide your android phone high graphics design

Buzz Android Launcher

buzz launcher for android

If you do not like your launcher you can borrow it from others. This app provides you the services regarding this service. Search Google play store for this amazing apps.

Vire Launcher for Androidbest android launcher

It comes free on the play store with various animated features and 3D effects. It’s got a quickly loaded interface providing users a set of transitional theme. It is worth having it for free as Vire competes hard with the paid launchers.

The Yandex Shell Launcherbest launcher for android

Yandex Shell Launcher is the First one to give a 3D experience. It creates a 3-D home-screen replacement, an intuitive interface allowing you enjoy the third dimension. Despite being accessible freely, it is only available in a limited number of countries. Hence, check whether it is available in your domain or not.

In Conclusion

Have you read the list properly? And did you find anything useful? This was the list I presented to you comprising the bests of 25+ Best Launchers For Android to render you better service. Hope you liked reading it and if yes, then drop me your view through the comments box given below.

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