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Hello to the surfers, this wired world is weird, isn’t it? You get what you want but at a price to pay. This is my friends, your identity. Do you know that your identity becomes more vulnerable to be misused or more technically, hacked into? Thanks to the VPN service that pretty much keeps the odd balanced. In my previous article lately, I have been mentioning more about Best free VPN for android devices. This time, it is about 10 Best VPN for Google Chrome users.

We are stepping faster into the world of web where there are more cons than pros of staying connected. If we look at it in terms of privacy, there are many ways your activities may be tracked and compromised. Plus, there are like I said in the previous article of mine, that some websites that are locked in the region you are living in. This may be due to security purposes or may be some copyright issue; who knows. What I believe, is information is fruitful, when it’s shared. This topic here is particularly curated for Google Chrome users. Let us unbind the barriers of geographies and borders and access what we want with the help of these extensions.

10 Best VPN for Google Chrome

Virtual Private Networks serves much more than just security. Viewing your favorite stuff on youtube is one of the most favorite things to do. Most of the regional stuff including the informative and knowledgeable lectures should be available and accessible to you. Same goes for the websites that offer the relatable stuff. But due to different geographical differences, we miss out on our content too. To help you get to your liked content and videos, you can take help from these VPNs. I kept the technical and descriptive details as short as I could. Based on users’ ratings and preferences, the list of 10 Best VPN for Google Chrome has been arranged from top to the last. Let us stroll down the page now.

Gom Web VPN

GOM Web VPN is a specially designed application for Google Chrome users. It is an exclusive VPN that needs no third-party inclusion. You can use it by adding its extension in Google Chrome. Once you download and install it, you’ll know what more it can do. You can try it for free on a trial basis that will have your access to the blocked stuff on WWW. Security will never be an issue dealing with even with the most unsecured portals. Also, you’ll never have to worry about setting its configuration.


DotVPN came to light back in 2014 that is now a strongly commended by users. Around the globe, round the clock, the user base has grown to 500k+ and the graph is still on the high. And the rest would be done when you see user ratings on Google web store. More surprises include an unlimited bandwidth enabling users to access the servers based in France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, US, UK, and Canada. The security is taken care of by 4096-bit key encryption giving you the authority to switch between locations anytime and in any number.

Hola Engine – Hola Better Internet

To unblock your website, Hola Team gets you this application which also grabs the third spot on the list. Recently, the team has excelled at making more proxies available to you enhancing the VPN service. It helps you retain the speed while surfing the internet and security with no geographical restrictions. All you have to do is get the application and install it. The moment you reach the website, turn on the extension of it and choose the country server.

ZenMate VPN

With the span of high-end secured servers all across the x-es and y-s of the globe, ZenMate renders the best security methods to the users. It has triple-layered security for users i.e. the Internet, Wi-Fi, and unrestricted access. Be free while using it, it will keep you away from unwanted banner ads, malicious sites, and kick-ass security mechanism over the unprotected networks. You can get a free trial version to enjoy the features. If you like it so much, then go for its paid version at $7.99 a month

Breakwall VPN

Speaking of Trail Version applications, BreakWall VPN is the most assured and a strong contender in this race to the top ten. No matter how much it costs you purchasing its premium version, but I bet you should go for its free version first. It gets you the fastest surfing capability. It becomes more secured as you can only be able to use its service after creating a legit account. Its add-on feature is BBC-iPlayer that enables you to watch the media that is generally blocked in your region.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a masterpiece created by the team Anchor Free. It is the newest application of all. It is available free on the internet not only for just iOS or Android users but for Windows OS, OS X and iPhones as well. Although the free version gives you all the needed supplies, but if you happen to go for more liberated features, you can purchase its paid version at $2.08 a month. The rest of the pricing goes as your requirement such as servers, data, or the bandwidth etc.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has gained a lot of attention in the recent days. The development team capitalizes on users’ privacy and security pretty much. You can get rid of the unwanted and annoying ads, a gigantic number of suspicious websites, and over 250+ million tracking or fishy cyber-attacks. It gets you the click to connect ability and does a tremendous job in keeping you away from phishing, scams, data thefts. Also, it has a fledged support to block your longs and latits. The free version is available which, certainly is enough to make you buy it for $3.79. It is rather a good catch that would definitely not leave you in wonder.

Browsec VPN

Number eight on the list is Browsec VPN which simply stands out the other ones in the race. Log on to any site from anywhere, just set the country server and go anon. Your privacy is secured by good hands for sure when you try this out. Its strongest weapon is hiding your geographical coordinates handing you another opportunity to watch your favorite stuff on Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, and SoundCloud.

TunnelBear VPN

Now, here is something that you can vouch on. TunnelBear is the one that grabbed users’ ratings having all the 5 in the rating section. Based on the encrypting techniques, TunnelBear works on hiding your location giving you the list of proxy servers. It’s been over years now that TunnelBear being dominant in the market of Desktop Services. It can be installed and get to running on both the Windows and MAC platforms.

Unlimited Free VPN

I always save the best for the last, and this time it’s Unlimited Free VPN. It helps you stay anonymous while you go through the blocked sites smoother and easier. Well, it helps you keep your privacy in the box too. It is free to use for an unlimited amount of time. Sit carefree, as it won’t bother you for any login or registration form or any annoying ads. There is one thing, though, just click or tap to connect and whoosh you go online, safe and sound.

In Conclusion

Since all the applications I mentioned here in 10 Best VPN for Google Chrome is for free, no need to put any extra money in a bad choice. However, there are some more applications that would probably make it to the online market. Just beware that it serves you the purpose you look for.  Rest is what in front of you. Wishing to get some more stuff like this for you here, help yourself with some more information here.



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