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Best Free Proxy Servers: – Friends in these days almost every schools, colleges and in offices some of the sites on the main server get blocked to restrict their user to use some sites. It means you cannot use blocked websites in specific machine connected with those server. Mostly we see social and adult sites get blocked on these networks in our colleges and offices. But here are many alternative way how to access blocked websites in schools, colleges and offices network. Proxy server site is the ways to access blocked websites. So, here in my tutorial I am sharing the best list of Top 120 Best Free Proxy Servers List – Free Proxy Sites . You can access blocked websites with the collection of these given free proxy servers.

Before of use free Proxy Server you need to know about this and also know there use. So below I am sharing what is Proxy server and how to use proxy server

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What is Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a computer or set of computers that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connection to other network service. There is no direct communication between the client and the server, when you use proxy server. In this case a client connects to the proxy server, then request the connection, file or other resource available on the different server. In simple word we can say a proxy server hide the IP address of the client computer se that it can surf anonymous. So, with this you can access blocked sites.

How to open Banded or Blocked Websites With Proxy Sites

It’s a very simple to open  Banded or Blocked Websites With Proxy Sites simply open any given best proxy server in your browser, after open enter the site name which you want to open and then click on GO or Hide me that’s it.

Now we are sharing Top 120 Best Free Proxy Servers List – Free Proxy Sites 

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Top 120 Best Free Proxy Servers – Free Proxy Sites

Best Free Proxy Servers List UK – Free Proxy Sites UK


Hope Best Free Proxy Servers List – Free Proxy Sites will help to Access Blocked Websites. Friends, Share your view & suggestion in comments, also share if you have any query. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


  1. This is great list of proxy sites. As we know that hiding IP now a day very important to secure our privacy, these all sites will help us to get faster proxy . Very thanks for sharing best free proxy servers sites with us…

  2. Hi Abid, the explanation you have given regarding what is proxy server is good. Coming to the list of proxy servers, It is a massive one. I was only knowing about HideMyAss, Ninja Clock and vTunnel., The others were unknown to me till now but thanks to you now I have a handful of proxy site. Thank you for sharing the site list.

  3. It’s so silly that content providers block content per country. Oh well. I signed up for arcvpn and now I can access all my favorite youtube content!


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