5 Best Free Parental Control app for iPhone / iPad In 2019


In a trend of modern technologies, they are many applications or software which allows monitoring social media accounts by parents. In real time, parents can easily view any sort of interaction, pictures, and posts. With the usage of these applications, parents can restrict what type of application they can use, also monitor MMS pictures, other transactions, phone logs or even text messages on their child’s mobile device.

They can also easily track their child’s exact location, monitor calls or even set a time for mobile usage. It is also used to keep track of their child’s intimidate.

Best Free Parental Control app for iPhone / iPad

Please find below the list of best Parental Control applications that can be used for iPhone or iPad devices.


Best Free Parental Control app iphone

Please be informed that Qustodio is an excellent, user-friendly, and efficient application for parents (those are very short on time). The user interface was specially designed to display the time spent on each application or services (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others) and as well as all the connected device’s recent activity.

By using this application, you can block websites, applications or games, set time limitations, and track the messages. This is the best parental control application for iPhone or iPad devices which provides you to customize to manage your child of all ages. This application also works on Nook or Kindle devices.

ScreenTime Parental Control

Best Free Parental Control app iphone

This is another best parental control application that helps you to track your child’s activity on your mobile phone. This application was available in different languages including German and Portuguese.

You can set a time limit for each application that your child can spend on your phone. You can block the social media application during their sleeping and school hours. Your kids will also receive bonus time as rewards for completing their chores or any tasks.


Best Free Parental Control app iphone

This parental control application helps the parents to block or enable applications like to Camera, FaceTime, and Safari on your kid’s phone remotely. This application can also be used to block or restrict your own phone while you are away from home (at workplace or friend’s home). You can block your kid’s application or social media application during their sleeping and school hours.

You can easily schedule a task (which has to be performed on a daily or weekly basis) to block or enable any application on your child’s device. The data or internet usage for your kids can also be set with a time limit to avoid any misuse while you are away from them.

Netsanity Parental Control

Best Free Parental Control app iphone

Netsanity is the best common iOS Parental Control tool for patents to enable and restrict the usage on their child’s phone. This application can be used to block games or applications, allow you to set a time limit for your kid to use their device, and the best Internet monitoring tool.

You can also set advanced filtering, especially for YouTube and other websites. You can add multiple restrictions by using specific keyboards or even block all the social media applications.

Norton Family Premier

Best Free Parental Control app iphone

You can use the Norton Family Premier application which is an online platform to monitor and restrict your child’s behavior. This application has a user-friendly interface while guides everyone to make use of them independently. Robust web supervision is one of the most important features used to block the entire website and to track the visited sites using log files.

You can also set a customized warning when they are wasting time on unwanted websites. This application allows you to set a time limit for accessing any particular application or even the device can shut down after the specific time of usage. You can also use this application on Android mobiles as well.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information will help you to understand the importance of Parental Control and make use of the listed applications to control your kid’s device and guide them in a proper way.


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