Top 8 Best Free Call Recorder Apps for Android to Record Call


In this article we will share some of the best free call recording Apps for android that you can use to record call automatically.

It happens many times when we are required to record the call during the call or record every call automatically. To record any call in your android device you just need to download and install a call recorder app on your android smartphone or tablet. These call recording apps will record your all call automatically either make or receive call and save them to your phone. On google play store, we found two types of best android call recording apps. Few recorder apps offer to enable manual call recording option and some are automatically call recording app. so, choose the recorder apps according to your need.

Note – in some countries, call recording is illegal. So, first of all check your country’s notice before you download and use any of recording apps.

Best Free Call Recorder Apps for Android

Call Recorder – ACR

best android call recorder app

Call Recorder – ACR is one of the best and most downloaded android free call recorder app on Google Play store. It offers you to record incoming and outgoing call on your Android device. The app also support many impressive features like auto call record, manual call record, password protection of recorded calls, auto deleting old recordings, groping recorded call day by day, excluded numbers, too many recording formats like MP3, WAV, AAC etc. It also support online cloud storage services that lets you save any recorded incoming and outgoing call to your required cloud storage services like Google drive, DropBox. | Also Read: How to record Skype Video and Audio calls During Call
Call Recorder – ACR Features

  • Auto-Manuel call record
  • Password protection of recorded calls
  • Auto deleting old recordings
  • Grouping recorded call day by day
  • Excluded numbers
  • supports many recording formats (MP3, WAV, AAC)
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Automatic Call Recorder

best android call recorder app

Automatic Call Recorder is another best call recorder apps for android. This app also offers call recording features where you can record phone call and also filter which calls you want to save and which you don’t want to ignore. listen to the recording, add notes and share it, Integration with google drive and dropbox. The app also allows users to select the recording audi formats in which application will save the call as well as the ability to manual change the recording path to memory card.

Automatic Call Recorder Features

  • Auto-Manual call record
  • Include and exclude number to record calls

Call Recorder

best android call recorder

Call Recorder is another great call recorder app for android available on Google play store. you can record all your calls in a very easy way as well as manage your incoming and outgoing calls. You only need to download and install this app and the app will start automatically record your calls in your phone. Another great feature is the ability to organize you records by date, by time or by name.

Call Recorder Features

  • Enable- Disable call recording
  • Records all your incoming and outgoing calls
  • Delete recorded calls
  • Lock recorded item to prevent from auto-cleaning
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All Call Recorder

best android call recorder

All Call Recorder is another great call recording app that records any incoming and outgoing calls in very simply ways in your android phone. it saves telephone conversations in 3GP files. this app also offer features to share recorded call via E-mail, skype, facebook, Bluetooth and through any cloud storage service (Google drive, Sky drive, Dropbox).

RMC| Android Call Recorder

RMC: Record my call is another popular, simple and free call recorder app for android device. It is user friendly call recording app to record all incoming and outgoing call. The app provides facility to arrange recorded call according to time, data, month, and year. It also support cloud service to save calls like other call recorder apps.


best call recorder apps for android

Seeing the name of Truecaller, you must be thinking that this is a cool caller ID app, so why is it placed in the list of best call recording app for android. My friend let me tell you that Truecaller is also an awesome call recording app. few months before the makers announced their call recording features as well. Wait…wait the features of call recording is not free in truecaller and it comes with premium features.

To start this features, Go to Setting > Truecaller Call Recording > Enable “Call Recording”. All you incoming and outgoing call recording are saved within the phone. The company claims the recorded calls dos not upload it to truecaller’s server.

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Cube call recorder ACR

best android call recorder

I, mark this as a best call recorder for android because, this recording app can record calls as well as conversations in your VoIP apps and messages such as Whatsapp call, facebook, Telegram, Skype call, line, Viber, WeChat and much more. You can set automatic call recording OR manual call recording. Tha app also offers in-app playback and exclusion list of contacts.

There is also premium app features as well as free features. In premium features you can get cloud backup, recordings pin lock, save in SD card, and shake to mark and more.

Auto Call Recorder

best call recorder for android

Auto Call Recorder is another cool android call recorder. The app features is bit different from other recording apps. This is why it has been included in my list of best call recorder apps. This is free call recorder application and you can record calls on SD card. Some extra features are record everything automatically, ignore every call record, ignore specific contact to record call, record all incoming calls, record outgoing calls.

Final Words

This was our article Top 5 Best Free Call Recorder Apps for Android to Record Call. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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