Top 10 Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2020


This list will show you 10 top and best Clock Widgets for android to make your android home screen more attractive.

There are tons of best Android weather and clock widgets from many different brands. Most Android phones come with a handful of built-in widgets. But besides this if you want another and better performance or different style android widgets. Then you must try it definitely. There is something listed here for everybody and we highly recommend you to check out all of them to see which app will be best Android Widgets for your android Smartphone to make batter interface.

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Best Android Clock Widgets

DIGI Clock Widget

best clock widgets for Android


DIGI Clock Widget is probably the best Android clock widgets which offer a lot of customization like widget preview during set up, Shadow effect with select-able colour, outlines, date formats, show hide AM/PM, 12/24 hour selection, show time with seconds option, 40+ fonts for time and date and much more.

It allows you to select your preferred colours for time and date and you can use pictures as widget background wallpaper.

DashClock Widget

best clock widgets for Android

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A free clock widget app with the functionality and features that you get onboard is simply incredible. It support extensions and allow notification pop-ups on the lock screen to alert you on important tricks.

This help in Gmail notification, weather forecasts, missed calls, unread text messages, new appointments etc.

Pretty Binary Clock Widget

best clock widgets for Android


Pretty Binary Clock Widget is a clock widget to embellish your home screen in binary code and is able to reveal personalized colours when you wake up the screen of your Android Smartphone.

When you become accustomed to the app, it will give a mesmeric effect to your Android Smartphone.


best clock widgets for android


Chronus is a clock widget app for Android which is easy to use and very effective in fulfilling several purposes. It can display many options like Clock and Alarm, Time Panel, Calendar Events and General Appearance for the user to choose and  also able to add interesting widgets on the lock screen.

It is mandatory to upgrade the phone running on a very old Android OS update and you can customize each option at will and add it to your lock screen.

LED Digital clock Live Wallpaper

best Clock Widgets for android



In best clock widgets for android this is one of the unique and stylish clock widgets app for android named LED digital click live wallpaper. This is very simple and stylish digital clock. You can do lots of customization with this app like can set colour for the display text in clock, can set size, date format, glow of time, second, date, day of week.

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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker


KWGT is fairly powerful and work more than most of the widgets. An Android easier than one you think about, one that can do a variety of things and also support for Zooper, Tasker and other apps.

It helps you to display time, battery, date, countdowns, traffic info, next alarm, location and much more including system information on CPU Speed, network stats etc.

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