Top 8 Best Call Recorder for iPhone in 2021

best iPhone Call recorder to record phone call :- Hello, iPhone users. It happens many times when you are required to record phone calls OR record every phone call automatically. To record any call in you iphone you just need to download and install a voice recorder app on your iphone. These iphone call recorder apps will record your calls automatically either make or receive call and save them to your phone.

Why we need to record call ?

There are many reasons why. May be you are having an important discussion with anyone and want to listen later OR sometime you don’t remember what is done on the phone, so you need to listen to the call recording. For these reasons you need to keep a call recording app in your iPhone.

Now it’s comes which call recording apps is best for my iPhone? So here we are sharing the best call recorder for iPhone.

Best Call Recorder for iPhone

These iphone call recorder are top rated call recorder for iOS device. You can choose one of these on your need.

Call Recorder Lite

call recorder lite for iphone

Along with best Call Recorder for iPhone comes Call Recorder Lite with support for recording both the incoming and outgoing calls. If you are a user based in India, or a country other than the US, Call Recorder Lite deserves to be on your iPhone. This app works a bit differently, as you have to tap on start call recording before dialing a number you want to call.

Its free version is enough to get your job done as it saves the recorded audio straight to your device memory. But, if you want to backup your call recordings elsewhere, you can upload the same to Dropbox or Google Drive. The free version of CRL comes with the capability of recording unlimited calls up to 60 seconds each. However, this iOS app’s pro edition lets you save recordings sup to 300 minutes (5 hours) long. In case you need more minutes, you’ll have to head to the in-app purchase option.

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TapeACall Pro

iphone call recorder app


It doesn’t have the most beautiful name we’ve ever seen, but TapeACall Pro is nevertheless a robust call recording program that gives you just about every feature you could want and then some, from savable MP3s to straightforward setup and use.

A big red button appears on screen during calls you need to tap on this and then set up a conference call between you, your contact and TapeACall Pro’s servers, but it’s easy enough to do, and the instructions are shown on the app listing page.

The downside is the in-app purchases and subscription prices ($7.99 a year), but if you do a lot of recording, it’s well worth it. In return, you get anunlimited recording, instant sharing options, and all your calls backed up safely in the cloud to be retrievable at any time.

Google Voice (Free Voice Recorder)

Google released a free way for users to listen to their recorded calls: Google Voice. While Google Voice is free, you won’t be able to use your regular phone and phone number to record your calls; you can only use your Google Voice phone number to record them. It is free, though, so if you don’t mind that, this might be a viable free call recorder app for you. It’s not currently possible to record outgoing calls with the recording feature. After you’ve finished your recording, you can listen to the calls on your PC, Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. There are not too many features and options available with the recording option within Google Voice, but recording files are available for download, and it is completely free.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro


One of the best features of Automatic Call Recorder Pro (Android) is in the name—the mechanical aspect of it, which you can set to apply to all calls or specific contacts in the app settings. You can only set it and forget it while it records your request in the background.

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And it really is fully automatic tons thanks to the nature of Android you don’t need to press any buttons to record your calls as they come in and go out. The experience can vary between Android phones though, with some handsets blocking this kind of call recording integration, and the developer recommends trying the free version before paying to make sure it works for you.

To the app’s credit, there are a lot of settings you can tweak if it doesn’t work the first time, and there are some other goodies available such as integration with Dropbox and Google Drive to make it easy to share your files with friends, family, or attorneys after you’ve recorded.



IPadio is a free app that allows you to record your calls on the iPhone and (alternatively) broadcast them to the world. iPadio is easy to set up and use, and lets you play your recordings back, as well as download, edit, or delete them. You can also share your recordings with another person or people. IPadio is only available on iPhone.

The free version allows you to manage recordings, share recordings with others, and the developer’s website claims that it is easy to use. Also included on the developer’s website is a list of issues that might arise during recording, and the list includes bad (weak) sound quality, problems hearing the caller’s voice, and a few other various potential problems that can arise.

It’s slick and simple to use, but this being Android, certain handsets running certain versions of the OS can have problems. However, the developer offers plenty of help through the app page listing and the app’s own website, which isn’t always a given.

You May Also Like

Call Recording by NoNotes


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Call Recording is a solution developed by a voice transcription service, and so, as you would expect, it has voice transcription built in if you need it. The Call Recording by NoNotes (iOS) pricing is similar to TapeACall Pro, with unlimited recordings for the monthly price of $8.

It ticks most of the boxes that need to be ticked in a call recording program: support for incoming and outgoing calls, a clean and usable interface, straightforward operation plus the transcription bonus. You get 20 minutes of recordings a month for free, too.

The app is similar to TapeACall Pro in that calls are routed through NoNotes’ servers: outgoing calls can be initiated through the app, and incoming calls can be recorded by adding the NoNotes line as a third party to your conversation.

IntCall – Automatic Call Recorder for iPhone

best call recorder for iphone

IntCall – Another awesome automatic call recorder app for iphone. You just need to dial a number which you want to call from within the app to record calls and calls will be placed under intCall VOIP servers. In this app you can play your recorded calls, share your recorder call via email, scan then with iTune on your PC and you can also rename the recorder call to easy find.

The initial version of the app is free available on apple app store but you will need to pay for credit to dial more numbers from the app. IntCall is available for iOS 4.3 and letter.

Features of IntCall – you can make national and international call, the recorder call will save in your phoe, play , send via email, exported to cloud storage, share with whatsapp etc.

Call recorder free

Another one of the best and free call recorder for iPhone app that record both incoming and outgoing both call. To record call with this app just tap on the record button when and the app will dial the its recording number, than you will have to merge the call to start recording. You can download and share the recordings via iMessage, Email, Facebook, Dropbix etc.

The iPhone Call recorder is free to download from the iPhone app store but you will need to make in-app purchases to get more recording credits.

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