10 Best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location with Owner Name & Place

In this tutorial we will discuss about some of the best apps to trace mobile number location with owner name, place and operator name, means here we will discuss about the query How to trace mobile number location with owner name and place.

There are number of best android apps which can help you to easily trace any mobile number location or place with mobile number owner name, operator name and there place. Some of the apps are also providing the facility to trace mobile number exact location through Google map search or trace mobile number location by satellite. So in our below list we are sharing some of the best apps to trace you’re your incoming call location, owner name, place and operator name.

The listed apps are best android apps and by using these apps are working very easily in different countries like you can trace mobile number location in UK, US, India, Canada, and Australia etc.

Trace Mobile Number Location, Owner Name, Place using Android App

we already share some other ways to trace mobile number exact location with owner name and address like.. best websites to trace mobile number location .

Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location

Now comes the app that beats those mentioned above in the best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location and gets you live results. Life360 app is available for Android and iOS devices, which lets you monitor your loved ones’ movements. To get started, you’ll have to install it on the target phone, including your device. After successful registration, you can track the minute-to-minute movements of your kids.

You can even create your private groups, called “Circles,” and chat with them anytime. In case of an emergency, you’ll be able to send or receive SOS alerts. You can also see the location of stolen or lost phones. This best real-time location tracker app is free to download and install.

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Phone 2 Location – Caller ID Mobile Number TrackerTrace Mobile Number Location

Mobile Number and Phone Location is ultimate app to know locations of all incoming calls it might be unknown number or within your contact list. There is ultimate information provided by this app like it informs location like country/state/city. Apart from the locating phone mobile number location it offers you to block the calls and SMS of a particular mobile number for unwanted mobile phone number. You can also find the Telephone service company of the mobile number if the number is not ported.  Download from here..

  • Mobile Number Tracker App to Track any mobile/Landline numbers from India, USA, Canada, China, UK and other countries.
  • The app Shows geographic location details like city, state, country and telecom operator all incoming calls and mobile number.
  • You can filter and block unwanted calls.

Truecallertrace mobile number location

Truecaller is the best android app to get caller information and location and that too from anonymous number. It’s a like hacking app like it gets know the contact list in the mobile phone and provides the contact information to the same true caller user. The limitation of the app is you should have the number in your contact list and number will be saved with any name. The app also helps you to find the owner of the mobile number. The app has additional feature that helps you to block unwanted contacts from your phone. You May Also Like – How to Change Name on TrueCaller When it Showing Wrong Number

  • Mobile number tracker
  • The app have World biggest mobile number database from where it shows the details of the call that cane to you.

Mobile Number Locatortrace mobile number location

Mobile Number Locator is the best Android application that allows you to easily find any mobile number location. Apart from finding mobile number location you can also find State and Telecom operator of the mobile number. You can use this app without internet connection and the only one app works without internet. You can also find the location of the mobile numbers from INDIA, USA, CANADA , PAKISTAN and you can also view the location of the number in map and available in 3D. download mobile number locator app from here.

  • Mobile number locator app helps to trace mobile number location from Canada, India, USA, UK, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and any other country.
  • The app can help you to track phone number from any country in the world. Country, state, city, area and network operator of the incoming calls will be displayed and geographic location will be shown on the map.

Four Square

best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location

Four Square is an ultimate app to locate mobile phone number. You can check the location of the unknown mobile number using this app. The special feature of this android app is as you can see the recent activities of your contacts I mean your friends.

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best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location

Shaplus is an ultimate app to find the location of incoming and outgoing calls from your mobile. It provides the complete information about the mobile number like it displays mobile number with the perfect location and with landline number and state, even though the city was displayed. It will also create detailed call log list to get to know the information very easily. If it was a international number then the country name will be displayed on the screen.

Mobile Location Tracker

best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Location

Mobile Location Tracker is one of the most popular apps to track unknown mobile number location and details. The app is just amazing I mean it offers mind blowing features. If you want to track your family I mean where they have visited and all then just go to the app history and find them. There is no need to worry about this app is not containing malware or anything. This app doesn’t leak your personal data on web data base. You can delete the history in the app and everything is in your control. Just use it, it’s an ultimate app.

Mobile Number Call Tracker

Mobile Number Call Tracker is a new app and very helpful for Indian users. It detects the location of the mobile number user and his/her name and finally company. It also gives the information like State, City and service provider of mobile network. The best feature of this app is it can work even without internet connection. Download Mobile number call tracker app fro here..

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Phone Number Locator

Phone Number Locator is also one of the recommended android app to find mobile number location of unknown number or known number. There are ultimate features are offered by this app and most like features is you can use this app to find location of the phone number without internet connection I mean offline. The limitation of the app is as it supports few countries only and soon it going to available at all countries.

Phone Locator

Phone Locator is the smallest app and requires low space in your smart phone. The app is just standard. It helps you to find the location of the phone number in different views like satellite view, hybrid view and standard view. These views will completely help you find accurate location of the mobile number. This app also helps you to find your mobile number if you have lost your mobile.


Prey is also one of the best mobile number locator app and helps you to find location of the mobile number. The app is available for all operating systems like Windows, iOS, Symbian and many more. This app is specially used to find lost mobile. If you have lost your mobile then just send a text message to activate prey app. Then use this app to find location of your mobile.

Final Words

This was our article best android apps to trace mobile number location and owner name. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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