10+ Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips 2015 Everyone Should Know

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips: – Hi all, in this article we will talk about Cool and Awesome WhatsApp Tricks and Tips. In today’s time WhatsApp become the most trusted and widely used messenger service for Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java and other mobile based platform. This messaging app allow us to send and receive different type of messages formats like Text, Image, Audio, Video etc through internet connection. As we all know the popularity of WhatsApp messenger has growing and many WhatsApp users find WhatsApp Tricks and Tips over internet. So, here we are sharing the Awesome Tutorial of the 10+ Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for every user who is using WhatsApp Messaging App on their mobile phones.

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

 Let’s start the Awesome Tutorial of the Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for you to get more knowledge and fun about the wonderful messaging application.

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

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Use WhatsApp without any Mobile number [WhatsApp Tricks]

Yes friends this is right, you can use WhatsApp Without any Mobile number that means not with your own mobile number. So this WhatsApp Tricks may help you to do that very easily. Just follow these stapes to do this.

How to Use WhatsApp without any Mobile number

  • If you are using already WhatsApp, first uninstall it from your device completely. Then download and install again.
  • You must look your messaging service via changing the flight mode.
  • Now open installed WhatsApp and add you mobile number to it. So it will not be able to send the messages to the server it will ask you to choose an alternative method to verify or conform your WhatsApp account.
  • Chose the ‘verify through message’ option and put your Email address and then click on ‘Send” option and without waiting click on ‘Cancel’.
  • Then you are required to froge message and install the message Spoof text message for android and Fake-a-message for iPhone.
  • Now visit the outbox and copy details of messages and select spoofer Application. Send the message to spoofed verification.
  • Use the following given details

To: +447900347295

From: + [Country code] [mobile number]

Message: your email address

  • A message is sent to fake number (Spoofed number). You can use this umber to connect with your friends.

 Hide Your WhatsApp Profile Picture [WhatsApp Tricks]

Doe to privacy concern or some other reason, if anyone want to hide his WhatsApp profile picture, It means no one can see your profile picture. This facility is only available for the latest versions of WhatsApp. For hide your profile picture simply click on Profile photo and select any of given option – Everyone, My contacts, Nobody.

Change your friends profile picture

For this you make some file replacement to change the actual profile picture of your friend. Follow below given easy tips to do this.

  • Find any funny picture for your friends profile picture
  • Resize it to 561 x 561 pixel dimension
  • Save the resized image to SD card > whatsApp > Profile picture (where you see your friends profile picture)
  • You see these will have prefix attached, simply rename the new resized image to the same file name.
  • Disable data or WI-Fi network. If you don’t want WhatsApp will automatically update the picture. That’s it
  • Now, show this to your friend

Note – this is a simple trick to change your friends profile picture only on your device.  This is meant for only fun purpose

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Recover deleted Messages [WhatsApp Tricks]

Many of Whatsapp users don’t know about this, WhatsApp by default store all conversations and activity on your SD card. For recover deleted messages on whatsApp you can follow given  WhatsApp tricks

How to Recover deleted Messages

  • Simply GO to Micro SD card find WhatsApp then Databases and look for two file named “-msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt’ and ‘-msgstore.db.crypt’
  • These files contain all the messages you have send or received on whatsApp. The first file contains all the messages you have send or received in the last seven days while the second file contains all messages send or received on that day. Now open these files using a simple text editor.

Send other extension file like PDF, Zip, Word Document on WhatsApp

  • As we all know that WhatsApp does not support to send files other then Audio and video. There no and option to send or share any other types of file or documents using WhatsApp. But using some additional app like Cloud send you can send PDF’s, APK’s, word document and more using WhatsApp.
  • Make sure both sender and receiver must have this application

Lock your WhatsApp with password [WhatsApp Tricks]

  • WhatsApp does not support any whatsapp lock but you can do this. Yes, you can protect your WhatApp conversation with WhatsApp Lock to increase your security and also safety.

Create Fake WhatsApp Chat with celebrities

Yes you heard right, you Create Fake WhatsApp Chat with celebrities and amaze your all friends by showing that. You can make fake whatsapp chat with big celebrities like tom cruise, wil smith, bill Gates etc.

For do this, you only need to download an android application called – Whatsaid [download whatsaid application for android]

With this android app you will be able to make fake WhatsApp conversation with any celebrities or anyone by inserting there picture, name and then create your Whatsapp conversion (fake whatsapp conversion).

Send a WhatsApp Message to Multiple contacts

Whatsapp users can also send a message to their multiple whatsapp friends at once. The best features the replies from your multiple messages of your friends visible only to you.

How to Send a WhatsApp Message to Multiple contacts

  • Open Whatsapp in your device (Android)
  • Tap the menu button to open main menu and select ‘New Broadcast’
  • Tap on the plus sign to select contacts whom you want to send the multiple whatsapp messages
  • After select all your required contacts Tap on ‘Done’
  • Then tap ‘Create’


This was the best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips 2015, I hope that you Like this. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.

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