World’s most popular android apps of all time

In the last few years, the world of the mobile, android operating system has overtaken all the others. This is one reason why even those supporting this operating system are present in a million of android apps in market. Today’s is much like the Smartphone, which supports more and more apps. The value of today’s Smartphone’s are judged on the basis of its apps supported. Here we are discussing about different kinds of top world’s most downloaded and popular android apps like popular android apps Game, popular android apps instant messenger, popular android apps photo sharing etc.

most popular android apps

Best Social Networking Apps

Facebook – In today’s time, Facebook to be the most uses social networking site in the world and also the most uses and downloaded social networking site on android platform. Facebook android apps giver several facility after creating facebook account like facebook full access, message, posting, uploading photo and Video etc. Android apps users also preferred some other social networking apps like Google+, Twitter.

Best game app for android

Candy crush saga – Till some time Temple run and angry bird are were very popular games but in 2013 Candy crush saga game left behind all this things. This is the most downloaded game on Apple’s operating system also. The Game is to catch the colored candy, so point on the same basis.  It’s available free on play store. Subway surfers, Temple Run 2 are also popular gamming android apps.

Best Text Messaging apps for Android

Whatsapp – There was a time when the message was the trend, but comes Whatsup this has virtually eliminated the practice of text messages. Users almost 40 million by the year 2013 the world has downloaded it. It lets messaging free from your internet data plan.

Popular Android apps Photo sharing

Instagram – In the world of photo sharing instagram name appears at the top. It is running on Android and offers the convenience of photo sharing. There are many photo editing tools, which can improve the quality of pictures taken with the phone. Snapchat and pinterest are also popular photo sharing android apps.

Popular Android apps Phone Utility

True collar – True caller is an android apps like a phone directory which gives information who’s culling you even if you don’t have their number in your phone book. It’s also give various facility like number block, search number whether it’s local or across the world. The most popular phone utility apps true caller also runs on IOS, BB operating system.

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