6 Useful Tips for Microsoft Word you should know

Hi friends, as we all know MS Word is very useful and widely used text editor software. Almost every computer working man, work on MS word. In the last few years, many version of MS word have come into the market like MS word 2003, MS word 2007, MS Word 2010 etc.

In this post we will talk about 6 awesome Microsoft Word tips and tricks. We would like to help you improve your productivity by these most useful Microsoft word tips and tricks or Shortcut keys. These 6 tips and tricks for Microsoft word work fine with word 2013 but the tips will also work fine with older version of Microsoft word like MS word 2003, MS word 2007, Ms Word 2010.

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5 Microsoft Word tips and tricks

Select text quickly

Tips for Select Text quickly you can press CTRL+A for select word document. Or triple click any ware within a paragraph to select entire paragraph in Microsoft word. Or to select entire sentence press CTRL and click any ware within the sentence. Or double click on any word to select desire word in MS word. Or press and hold down the ALT Key and drag mouse to select any rectangular area in word.

quick select

 Move text without Cut-pest in Microsoft Word

When you want to move a word Or paragraph of text from one place to another, most of you use CTRL+X to Cut and CTRL+V to pest. That’s a fin way, but here are a faster way simply selects with above given tips, and then simply drag what you have selected to where you want it to land.


Select or highlight any block of text and press F2 and then place the cursor where you want to move your highlighted text then press enter, your selected block of text will be moved.

Move text without Copy-paste

If you want to copy entire sentence then hold CTRL and click any ware within the sentence and drag select sentence where you want it to land. By this shortcut you can easily copy and pest entire sentence

Tips to Change Case in Microsoft word

Select entire text in word which you want to change case then click the case button, which is situated on font section then chose which case you want select. Or you can use fastest way to change case, select entire text and press SHIFT+F3 to quick change case , it toggles between lower case, UPPER CASE and Camel Case (Capitalize Each Word).

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Add the date

When we work in word, many times we need to put current date. Here’s a simple and fastest way to put current date, simply just press ALT+SHIFT+D for windows computers Or Press CONTROL+SHIFT+D for Mac to put current date automatically.12/24/2014

Tips to write anywhere on a Word Page

It’s a very simple Microsoft Word tips to write anywhere in page, simply double click anywhere where you want to type your text and start writing.

type any were inpage


I hope that these Microsoft Word tips and tricks are going to be really helpful for you and with the help of selected and best 6 Useful Tips for Microsoft Word will increase your productivity.  If you have any query and suggestion regard this post “6 Useful Tips for Microsoft Word” please share with us, also share if you have any other tips for Microsoft Word. Write your tips in comment box we shall publish your tips in our post.

Friends, if you think these tips for Microsoft word are helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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