Top 5 Best Websites To Make Money Online In 2016

It’s quite nice to hear that you can make money online from home. It’s true that you can earn money online. but if you do not choose the right website for online earning you dream will be fulfilled to earn online.
So, In this article we are sharing some of the best, Trusted and Awesome Websites that will help to make money. As i already mentioned in my another article, how you can make money online from home. Lets start our tutorial 10 websites for students to make money online.

best websites to make money online
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List of Best Websites to Make Money Online

Fiver is one of the best website where you can make money online. If you have any kinds of tallant fiver will provides you the platform to make money. It’s simplest and easy to use site, where you post the service based on your tallent which you can provides and if someone needs them, they will pay you for your work.

You get paid $ 5 for each of your service offends and you can increase your services by adding on the gigs (service) and get paid extra for your service.

Note – Your earning payment on is made through Paypal and for each $5 you get $ 4 in your hand and $ 1 is taken by Fiverr as there commission.

It’s amazing and much easiest for students and teachers to make money online through Luvo’s website. you can upload your lecture notes, textbook outlines, study guides and other study materials onto, and set your materia’s price. If any one like your material’s and want to pay for them, you will earn some money.
Luvo also offers to make money online as a online tutor, just make your Luvo account as online tutor and set the hours you are available as well as the price you will like to charge. If anyone need, they pay you for your tuition service.

Freelancer is also a great website where you can make money online. You may do whatever the job you are interested or whatever work you can do easily. You need to describe yourself about how much skills you have and how you will do the job. The user who wants to complete his/ her work might hire you to do the work. In the beginning you will have a problem as your identity on the increase or on your skills and experience, people might hire you. you experience and reputation will also increase day by day when you complete orders. is great place where you can make money online with increase your work experience and skills. is another trusted and well known PTC (Paid To Click) website where any you earn money very easily by work 1-2 hours. on this site you can earn money in two different ways – by clicking on ads and by viewing ads and also earn by referring friends & others to the site. You can not make huge money but i am sure if you will work regularly you will easily earn 40-50$ in a month and the earned money you will gate through PayPal, Payza and Bank Cheque.

If you have good writing skill then you can make massive income from this site. Bubblews is a great site for those who love to express everything, then you can write your ideas and tricks with 300-400 words article you want your friends or readers to read, then share these bubble on various social media sites to increase the views and likes on your bubble.

You can earn $0.01 for every unique view, comment and like your bubble gets. The minimum payout amount is $50 and payable through Paypal.


Cleanfiles is a PPD (Pay per Download) Site and it will pay you when someone downloads a file that you have uploaded to their site. Before anyone can download your uploaded file, visitors have to complete an advertiser survey or offers. For each successful download of that file, you get paid. You can promote the uploaded link of the file on your own blog or social media.


Hope above given Top 5 Best Websites To Make Money Online In 2016 will help you to earn money online. Friends, Share your view & suggestion in comments, also share if you have any query. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.

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