Top 10 best apps for rooted android phones

On the off chance that you are afraid of losing the precious data in your device, In case you’re strong enough that you’ve taken a chance to root your Android device, then it is a must say that either you’re excessively brave or you’ve a ton, making it impossible to spend. Rooted android apps should be secured and as well as provide security protection which will help you to protect your Smart phone. So here we are showing top 10 best apps for rooted android.

Boot Recovery settings

The other way is to boot into recovery. You can do this by going into ROM manager and clicking ‘Reboot into Recovery’. Once you are in recovery go down to advance. Then click wipe battery stats and click yes. Try not to stress, this is safe to do. It should delete it almost instantaneously. You can now reboot your phone.

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Best apps for rooted android

  1. Greenify [best apps for rooted android]


Android phone hibernate apps. In the event that you’ve taken a step forward, then install these five best Android apps to ensure routine backups, access system-level files, and rapidly boot into any Android mode.

  1. Titanium Backup [best apps for rooted android]

titanim backup


It is a Backup install app that protects future damages. Undoubtedly, the app can efficiently backup your downloaded and installed apps, freeze apps, SMS, and other important files.

  1. Snappy Boot (Reboot)

Using this app, you will avail the recovery software access and boot loader modes or various Android modes, irrespective of your device’s brand and manufacturer.

  1. ROM Manager [best apps for rooted android]

rom manager

ROM Manager is amongst one of the best Android apps that can assist you to flash a custom recovery on a custom ROM. Play store, and you can download it to ensure complete device and user security.

  1. CPU Master

Sometimes, you may initial purchase and Download the app instantly for free from the official Android Store and experience tremendous improvement in your device’s performance and speed!

  1. Flashify [best apps for rooted android]


In the event that you have a rooted Android gadget, then you can easily install a custom flash ROM to access the popular CWM Recovery by installing this app. The app is available for free on the Google.

  1. Root Explorer

root explorer

Root Explorer allows a user to explore the root level files on your Google Android device that you can’t explore using the default file manager.

  1. Full! Screen

full screen

The app helps users by taking full backups of your device and allows them to restore the entire content later on. Users can get the app for free of cost from the Android Store and can create manual backups when they suspect any illegitimate activity or perform a custom development strategy.

  1. GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys

jmd auto hide soft key

There are plenty of root-just apps in the Android market, yet the list mentioned above will help you to select the right ones. Try not to get panic on the off chance that you’ve already rooted your Android device as you can still locate some suitable apps and tools to enhance its benefits.

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Dear Friends, these are the 10 best apps for rooted android. If we missed any best root apps, let us know in comment box.

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